Monthly Temperatures in Bermuda

The temperatures is generally pleasant in Bermuda

Bermuda's weather is so unlike many other Caribbean islands that it experiences a completely different peak season.

This is why it is so important to take a look at the average temperatures the island experiences each month.  If you are really looking forward to that sunny, tropical getaway, June through October is when you'll get those temperatures in the high 80s.  If snorkeling and scuba diving are your passions, consider a vacation during the off-season, between the months of December and March, when temperatures are low, but the surrounding waters are warm. Checking out the weather in advance of your vacation will also help you decide which clothes to pack.

Average High and Low Temperature   Monthly Averages Month High Low January 69.0° F 61.0° F February 68.0° F 60.0° F March 69.0° F 60.0° F April 71.0° F 63.0° F May 75.0° F 68.0° F June 81.0° F 73.0° F July 85.0° F 77.0° F August 86.0° F 78.0° F September 84.0° F 76.0° F October 80.0° F 72.0° F November 75.0° F 67.0° F December 70.0° F 63.0° F Annual 76.0° F 68.0° F