Weather of Bermuda

Bermuda is famous for its picture perfect weather, complete with clear skies and sunshine

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Bermuda Weather

Bermuda is famous for its weather. In fact, "Bermuda high" has become synonymous with clear blue skies and warm sunshine.

The island's climate is best described as humid subtropical, which means that the area experiences hot, humid summers alongside cool winters. Though high humidity (reaching upwards of 84 percent) in Bermuda intensifies the heat in the summer, the Gulf Stream keeps the air temperate. Unlike many parts of the Caribbean, there is no rainy season in Bermuda, but the elevated humidity sometimes results in thunderstorms. Although it may rain occasionally, showers are usually short and quick; no particular months experience more rain than others.

...visit Bermuda during the summer months...


Winters in Bermuda are cool with temperatures ranging from between 60 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit, making it one of the coolest islands in the Caribbean.  Visitors can expect conditions similar to those of a Northeastern spring season from December to March. While this time is not good for swimming in Bermuda, it is perfect for scuba diving, snorkeling, golf, and tennis. You may need a light jacket for evenings and early mornings, but days are pleasantly cool.

Due to its climate, Bermuda's peak season is the opposite of most of the Caribbean's. While Caribbean islands experience peak tourism from December through March, this is Bermuda's off-season. It's best to visit Bermuda during the summer months, when the temperature is never higher than 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The off-season in Bermuda is also the exact opposite of the Caribbean off-season, beginning in December and lasting through March. Rainfall varies.

Hurricane season, the bane of the Atlantic, lasts from June to November. There is no reason to worry, however; storms hit the U.S. coast more frequently than they hit Bermuda. Additionally, advanced meteorological technology allows the National Hurricane Center to predict with amazing accuracy the tracks and paths of storms. Since warnings are always issued in advance, tourists should have ample time to return home before a storm makes landfall in the rare event that they are in a threatened area.

Month Avg. Daily High Temp (Degrees Fahrenheit) Avg. Daily Low Temp (Degrees Fahrenheit) Avg. Monthly Precip. (inches) % Days with Rain January 68.7 60.9 5.1 71 February 67.9 59.8 4.7 72 March 68.6 60.3 4.42 67 April 70.8 62.7 3.57 57 May 75.4 67.7 2.94 51 June 80.6 73.0 5.18 53 July 84.7 76.7 4.77 58 August 85.8 77.6 5.29 61 September 83.9 75.8 5.02 65 October 79.5 72.1 6.62 68 November 74.6 67.2 4.31 67 December 70.5 62.9 4.57 73