Tipping and Gratuities in Bermuda

Tipping standards in Bermuda will sound familiar to many vacationers


When you travel, chances are you'll encounter at least one situation in which tipping is necessary - be it in a restaurant, or at your hotel when you receive assistance from your bell hop.

Most hotels and restaurants in Bermuda add a service charge to the bill, so you will always want to check to make sure this is not the case before leaving an additional tip.  These kinds of charges are meant to be a convenience, replacing the need to tip individual concierges, valets, bellhops, waiters, maids, and servers. As a result, tip discreetly if you wish to leave an additional tip for exceptional service. Some establishments are strict about over-tipping.

When no service charge has been added, there are some general guidelines that you can follow:

  • 15 percent is the standard for tipping your server in a restaurant.  Still, tipping is at your discretion, so if you receive exemplary service, don't hesitate to add an additional sum.
  • Similar to restaurants, 15 percent is the acceptable percentage for tipping service attendants who bring you drinks or food to your room.  Bellhops expect $1 to $2(USD) per bag that they help you handle, and the cleaning staff should get $1 to $2(USD) per day for attending to your room.
  • Taxi drivers should be tipped between 10 and 15 percent, with the tip being higher if your driver takes you on a guided tour.

The common tipping customs in Bermuda are not far off from what most American vacationers can expect to pay back home.  Keeping that in mind, you should have no trouble handling wait staff during your time on the island.