Bermuda's Languages

Officially, English is the language that dominates Bermuda's speech

Languages in Bermuda

When you visit a foreign country, it helps to know a little of the locally spoken language.  Luckily for many travelers, Bermuda is an English speaking nation.

Not only is English the main language in Bermuda, but many experts in linguistics have noted that the lilt of Bermudan English is very similar to English speakers in the American south. 

A variety of other European languages are also spoken in Bermuda, including Spanish, Portuguese, and French; but English remains the language of daily life.

As a result, Bermuda should be very navigable for tourists from other English-speaking countries. Keep in mind, however, that English does vary from region to region, so certain colloquialisms may not be recognized in Bermuda.  A few fun local terms that  you may hear around town include:

  • Ace Boy - best friend;
  • Bermuda time - being fashionably late;
  • Deck - accident;
  • Horse - motorcycle;
  • Jet - going somewhere quickly;
  • Longtail - white women from a foreign country;
  • Piggly - grocery store.

Likewise, visitors may find some islanders' expressions and accents difficult to understand. The key to communication across such cultural boundaries is to be polite and patient.

Knowing where you stand linguistically can be helpful when you travel out of your home country.  Take the time learn some local terms while you are in Bermuda, but take comfort in knowing that you will not have to work extra hard to communicate with those who live on the island.