Electricity in Bermuda

Bermuda operates on the same system as the U.S. mainland and has reliable electrical service

Bermuda Electricity

Most vacationers bring along a few electronics with them when they visit Bermuda.  This can be anything from a hair dryer to an mp3 player.  Whatever you bring along, you'll want to make sure your power cord is compatible with the outlets on the island.

Electricity in Bermuda is on the same 110 volts/60 cycles system as the United States mainland. Most U.S. appliances will be compatible.  Standard electric wall plugs in Bermuda comply with those used in the United States.  These outlets are known as flat blade plugs. Still, it is wise to consult your hotel before departing for your vacation just in case. European or other visitors should check with their hotel for information on adapters and transformers.

Power on Bermuda is supplied by the Bermuda Electric Light Company, and is extremely reliable.  Outages are rare and usually associated with major storms.

Planning ahead can be the difference between being able to charge your cell phone, or having to buy a whole new battery.  Call your hotel for details regarding electrical outlets and services, and you'll be in for a much smoother trip.