Customs Regulations in Bermuda

Keep customs duties and regulations in mind while heading to Bermuda

Bermuda Customs

Incoming customs inspections are usually easy to pass through, but that doesn't mean agents are ignoring what goes in and out of the country.

Items brought for personal use generally do not cause problems for visitors, but large quantities can arouse suspicion in your inspector. Visitors to Bermuda are allowed to bring the following into the country duty-free:

  • Apparel and articles for personal use, including sports equipment and cameras

  • 200 cigarettes

  • One quart of liquor

  • One quart of wine

  • Approximately 20 pounds of meat

Exit Allowances: U.S.

U.S. citizens and residents who have been in Bermuda for a minimum of 48 hours are allowed to carry back into the United States the following quantities once every 30 days:

  • $800(USD) worth of merchandise, with a 4 percent flat rate duty on the next $1,000(USD) of purchases.

  • $100(USD) mailed gifts

Be sure to check with the US Customs Office for the most up-to-date information.

Exit Allowances: Canada

Canadian citizens and residents are generally allowed to return with the following items; consult the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency for more details:

  • $750(CDN) duty-free merchandise

  • One carton of cigarettes

  • One can of tobacco

  • Forty imperial ounces of liquor

  • Fifty cigars

  • Mailed gifts valued at less than $60(CDN) per day, no alcohol or tobacco

Exit Allowances: U.K.

Those U.K. citizens and residents returning from a non E.U.-country are allowed the following:

  • 200 cigarettes

  • 100 cigarillos

  • 50 cigars

  • 250 grams of smoking tobacco

  • Two liters of still table wine

  • One liter of spirits or strong liqueurs

  • Two liters of fortified wine, sparkling wine, or other liqueurs

  • Sixty mL of perfume

  • 250 mL of eau de toilette

  • £145(GBP) of other gifts

Any personal item that falls outside of the duty-free allowance will be charged a 35 percent customs duty.   

Customs details are constantly changing. Check with local customs offices for up-to-date information.