Bermuda's Currency and Credit Cards

Local currency is not the only payment method available to you in Bermuda

Bermuda's Currency and Money

The truth of the matter is, you won't be able to make it through your Bermuda vacation without spending some money.  While it's never easy to part with your hard earned cash, knowing a little about Bermuda's currency can make the process easier.

The Bermuda Dollar (BD) is fixed to the U.S. dollar (USD) with a one-to-one exchange rate. In other words, $1(BD) = $1(USD). Generally speaking, U.S. dollars are widely accepted, but currencies from the U.K. and other countries are not.

When exchanging money, banks offer the best rates; most of the larger hotels offer exchange services at a slightly higher rate. Change some money before leaving for Bermuda so that you have cash for things such as airport incidentals and transportation.

Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) are the quickest and most efficient way to get cash while on Bermuda. Your debit card or bank statement should let you know what network you are on; you can then consult that network's website or toll-free number to locate its ATMs. The Cirrus network is worldwide, and any debit card endorsed by a major credit card is accepted almost anywhere. You may also get cash advances on your credit card at an ATM, provided that you've set up the system and have a PIN to use for such applications.

There are many ATMs located throughout the island, but be prepared to pay international exchange fees, which vary from bank to bank.