Wedding Hot Spots

Find the right Bermuda wedding spot for you by determining exactly which type of ceremony you want to have

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Locations and Venues

The natural beauty of Bermuda makes for an exquisite backdrop for any wedding, regardless of theme or location.  Bermuda law allows that weddings may be held in all public spaces, opening up a wide range of venues for couples to choose from.  From the elegant churches to pink sand beaches, you and your guests will find the views almost as memorable as the sight of you and your fiancée vowing to love one another forever.

Many couples find that one of the biggest challenges associated with planning a destination wedding is choosing an appropriate venue without being able to scope out the location prior to booking it.  Doing business with a wedding or event planner is a great choice for people who are seeking someone to deal with everything in Bermuda associated with their wedding prior to the big celebration. These professionals work to make sure that your nuptials operate as smoothly and ideally as possible. Should you choose to do all the organizing on your own, deciding the style of wedding you'd like to have will assist you to narrow down your possibilities considerably, making the entire task a bit less complex.

Types of Ceremonies

Couples who choose to host their wedding event in Bermuda can tailor their marriage celebration to fulfill their every dream. Despite the fact that most commonly encountered style of wedding planned by foreigners is a seaside ceremony, this is by no means the only option available.

Traditional Wedding

If you're looking for a more traditional wedding, this type of ceremony generally takes place in a religious establishment, with relatives and friends filling the pews as the bride walks down the aisle toward her waiting groom. Once the vows are said, the wedding party and their guests typically head over to a dining hall to celebrate the romantic event. This is as much a possibility in Bermuda as anywhere else, if not more so, since located on the island are more churches per square mile than anywhere else on earth. Note that there are no rabbis living on the island, but you can arrange to have your personal rabbi come and perform your ceremony for you.  Those who wish to marry in the Roman Catholic Church must contact the Roman Catholic Chancery Office at 441-232-4414.  Your event planner can help you to find a church or temple that that accommodates your religious values. 

Places of Worship in Bermuda Venue Location Phone Number Baha'i National Center Pembroke 441-292-2723 Centenary United Methodist Church Smith's 441-236-9491 Church of Christ Devonshite 441-236-2745 Church of Christ West End Sandy's 441-234-2972 Church of God Prophecy Pembroke 441-292-4074 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Hamilton 441-293-2793 Cobb's Hill Methodist Church Warwick 441-236-8586 Devonshire Church Devonshire 441-293-9607 Ebenezer Methodist Church St. George's 441-297-1771 Emmanuel Baptist Church Pembroke 441-295-6555 Emmanuel Methodist Church Southampton 441-238-1945 Ethopian Orthodox Church St. George's 441-297-8411 Evangelical Church of Bermuda Paget 441-236-2294 First Baptist Church Devonshire 441-236-7414 First Church of Christ Pembroke 441-292-6030 First Church of Nazarene Smith's 441-236-8049 Grace Methodist Church Pembroke 441-292-6525 Hamilton Church Pembroke 441-292-4276 Marsden First United Methodist Church Smith's 441-293-7045 Rehoboth Church of God Warwick 441-236-8607 Somerset Methodist Church Sandy's 441-234-1796 St. Anthony's
 441-238-1784 St. Joseph's Sandy's 441-234-2321 St. Michael's Paget 441-236-2166 St. Patrick's Smith's 441-236-9866 St. Theresa's Pembroke 441-297-0512 United Apostolic Church of God Sandy's 441-234-1141 Wellington Baptist Church St. George's 441-297-2127 Wesley Methodist Church Pembroke 441-292-0418

In addition to the most common religious venues, couples may choose to celebrate with a more traditionally designed ceremony at a gallery, plantation house, or important historical site.

Outdoor Wedding

It shouldn't surprise you to learn that the most common outdoor weddings are those held on the shoreline. It goes without saying that a wedding ceremony performed on the beach is a wonderful affair. With so many natural gems encompassing your wedding, like soft pink sand and lush plants, you'll find that very few extra decorations are required. In addition, weddings held on the beach are rather simple to organize, and very small weddings might not need permits.  There are eight miles of beaches available for weddings, all of which are discussed in our guide to Bermuda's Beaches

People who dream of an outdoor wedding are not solely limited to beach ceremonies. Countless resorts offer villas with views of seashores, mountain ranges, and tropical vegetation. Having a wedding in a botanical garden is an additional option. For something especially distinctive and breathtaking, consider arranging a wedding underwater, complete with diving gear and spectacular sights of coral reefs.

Outdoor Wedding Venues in Bermuda Venue Location Phone Number Arboretum Devonshire N/A Bermuda Botanical Gardens Paget 441-236-4201 City Hall Garden Hamilton N/A Elbow Beach Hotel Gardens Paget 441-236-3535 Gibb's Hill Lighthouse Hamilton 441-238-8069 Government House Gardens Pembroke 441-292-3600 Heron's Nest Southampton 441-541-0304 Fort Hamilton Garden Pembroke 441-292-1234 Mitchell Green Garden Waterville N/A Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant N/A Palm Grove Gardens Devonshire 441-295-0022 Tulo Valley Gardens and Nursery Pembroke 441-292-2503 Waterville Paget 441-236-6483

Marriage at Sea

Bermuda provides an ideal wedding destination for couples looking to get married at sea. Travelers will discover that the Caribbean Sea presents some of the most perfectly clear, calm waters, and amazing views. You might choose to get married on board a cruise ship that makes a visit to Bermuda, or reserve a chartered vessel for a couple of hours. You can even charter the vessel for an entire day and celebrate the reception on the vessel as well.  View our guide to Sailing in Bermuda for further details.

Casual vs. Formal

Any style of wedding ceremony can be made as casual or as formal as you desire. Although destination weddings are generally thought of as informal affairs, you can dress your wedding up with formal wear and elegant adornments. Likewise, you can dress down a typically formal event such as a church wedding by seeking simple decorations and allowing your wedding party to dress casually.

Resorts with Wedding Packages

It is becoming increasingly widespread for people planning destination weddings in Bermuda  to book a wedding and honey moon package at a large resort. All-Inclusive resorts are popular throughout Bermuda, and these facilities virtually all offer wedding packages.

Investing in a wedding package at a Bermuda resort is an easy way to plan your big day, because nearly everything is taken care of for you. Most packages consist of the following:

  • Personalized wedding consultant and planner
  • Wedding location
  • Reception venue
  • Officiant
  • Floral bouquet and boutonnière
  • Cake
  • Reception food and beverages
  • Photographer
  • Marriage certificate
  • Government fees

Optional bonuses may include:

  • Accommodations for wedding guests
  • Videography
  • Music and entertainment
  • Wedding gifts
  • Honeymoon package
  • Planned excursions and recreation for wedding party and guests

The majority of wedding packages at resorts in Bermuda begin at around $1500(USD) and go up from there, based upon add-ons and number of guests.

Resorts with Wedding Packages in Bermuda Resort Location Phone Number Cambridge Beaches Sandys 441-234-0331 Coco Reef Bermuda Hamilton 441-236-5416 ext. 7801 Elbow Beach Bermuda Hamilton 441-236-3535 Fairmont Hamilton Princess Hamilton 866-540-4497
Grotto Bay Beach Resort Hamilton 441-293-8333 Pompano Beach Club Southampton 441-234-0222 Rosedon Hotel Hamilton 441-295-1640 Surf Side Beach Club Warwick 441-236-7100 The Fairmont Southampton 441-238-8000
The Reefs Hotel and Club Southampton 800-742-2008

From nuptials on the beach or underwater to vows exchanged at a museum or religious facility, a wedding experience in Bermuda promises to deliver memories to last a lifetime.