Careful Choices

Making well thought out decisions can help to improve your Bermuda vacation

Making Decisions

Making good travel decisions can be the difference between a relaxing vacation spent enjoying the gorgeous beaches and an exciting trip in Bermuda's capitol city of Hamilton. While either would make a great visit, deciding on the perfect vacation for you will take a little planning.

When making decisions, don't be hesitate to rely upon the research you've already done in order to help pick the best area and accommodations. The attention to detail that you've already invested will come in handy now, so trust yourself when it comes to picking the right options for your unique travel style.

Narrow Your Search

Bermuda is comprised of six small islands, most connected by a series of bridges. Each offers its own distinct advantages and unique personality, so learn as much as possible about every island in order to understand the choices available to you.

If your trip centers around a certain activity (such as golf or snorkeling) try to get information on the island from sources that are experienced in that field. Often magazines or Web sites can help you find exactly what you're looking for by recommending the perfect beach to explore the reefs or the best golf course for your experience level. Once you get a feel for the area that caters to your interests, it becomes easier to decide where on the island you'll want to stay.

Another important aspect to consider is the culture of Bermuda. Its close relationship with Great Britain has left an indelible mark on the island and the two countries share many conservative values. In the more rural areas you will encounter a more distinctly Bermudian attitude, which can be a treat for visitors eager for an "authentic" experience, but which may not suit travelers who want a relatively familiar trip.


There are a number of ways to get to Bermuda, and deciding on your method will help you to determine other details of your trip, such as how long you'll stay and how much traveling you'll do once you arrive.

Planes are a rather popular option, however the flight times and schedules should be closely reviewed to help you understand your choices. Cruise ships represent another alternative for getting to Bermuda, but travelers should bear in mind that most ships do not stay in port for long, which may not offer the same opportunities to see the island. Visitors who want to take transportation into their own hands are encouraged to sail private or chartered vessels to Bermuda, but should do further research to determine which ports will permit international entry.

Don't forget that travelers are not allowed to rent cars while in Bermuda, so you should spend a little time considering which on-island transportation method will suit you best. Since you can't drive from place to place, weigh carefully the distance between your hotel or rental property and the beaches or towns that most interest you.

On the Island

Once you've picked your arrival method and the area of Bermuda that you'd like to spend most of your time in you can begin to make decisions about where you'll stay and how you'll occupy your time.

Your first consideration should be your traveling companions. Will your trip to Bermuda be a romantic second honeymoon or a chance to catch up with your girlfriends? Guidebooks can often help by recommending activities and accommodations that are just perfect for a particular group. You may find tips on a secluded spot to catch a gorgeous sunset or a can't-miss local musician. By settling on everyone's vacation priorities before making important decisions you can ensure that no one feels like they are missing out.

When everyone has voiced their preferences you should try to determine the most meaningful aspect of your vacation. Is the location of your accommodations more important to you than the style of hotel?  Will cost be the deciding factor?  Whatever matters most to you, it certainly should not be difficult to find the ideal location or lodging to fit your style.

The choices you make now can ensure that your trip to Bermuda is everything you've always dreamed of. After learned all you can about the island, you should feel confident knowing that you are prepared to make informed decisions. After all, it's your vacation and there's no need to compromise.