More Than You Know

Gathering information about Bermuda will help you find hidden, and not so hidden, gems

Getting Info

The first step in planning your trip to Bermuda is gathering as much information about the island as you possibly can. Learning more about what to expect will help you anticipate your vacation experience and will prove essential when making tough decisions about which part of Bermuda you want to visit and what sort of accommodations you'd like to stay in.

Browsing this Web site is a great way to get information about your general travel needs, but you will find it most helpful when combined with Bermuda's official Web site, These are not the only places to find good travel advice, however. Internet searches can often provide other valuable sources to kick start your research.

While you're using the Internet for information, don't forget to check out some of the online travel vendors that specialize in Bermuda vacations. These Web sites frequently have reviews of hotels or activities and can save you time in researching your options. Budget vacationers or those planning to visit more than one island may find that Internet travel sites are a good choice because they allow users to search for properties that meet their unique specifications.

When you're ready to go to your local bookstore, you can take advantage of the abundance of guidebooks and travel magazines devoted to Bermuda travel. Take your time when picking out a guide book, as you'll want your choice to reflect your vacation style. While most of the basic information will be the same, the reviews, travel tips, and activity suggestions can vary a great deal. Read through several different books until you get a feel for each writer's style. Once you've selected a guide, check out the magazine rack. You may not find any magazines devoted entirely to the island of Bermuda, but often periodicals that focus on Caribbean travel will have useful information about Bermuda, as it is an extremely popular vacation spot. Some of these magazines have online archives as well, allowing users to search for articles that are about Bermuda or that answer a specific question.

Vacationers planning a trip to Bermuda should also take care not to neglect one of the most helpful resources available: colleagues, family, and friends who have visited the island. Its close proximity to the U.S. mainland make Bermuda a particularly attractive vacation spot for many Americans and you may know more people than you realize that have visited the island. Ask questions and learn more about their experiences - you may be surprised by the amount of information they can provide. Your aunt may know of a great locale to watch the sunset or your coworker might be able to recommend a fantastic pub in downtown Hamilton.

If none of your friends or colleagues have been to Bermuda, you can still get the one-on-one advice from message boards and chat forums found on many major travel Web sites. This is a great way to get answers to your questions and learn more about the areas and accommodations that interest you. Bear in mind, however, that you should evaluate the trustworthiness of any source before making a decision based on someone else's advice.

The exciting variety found all over Bermuda makes it an ideal vacation spot, but it also makes it necessary to do plenty of research before you can plan your trip. Read as much as possible about every aspect of the island; after all, this is your chance to take the perfect vacation.