Hotels in Bermuda Offer Award Winning Swimming Pools

Lazing by the pool – it can be the perfect way to top off a great vacation experience in Bermuda. Bermudais surrounded by water, but you may spend more time in the hotel's pool than in the water offshore. So, unless you're allergic to fresh water, the following list of hotels might be very helpful.

Every hotel listed below has a swimming pool. They are ranked by the number of pools on site, as well as the number of rooms relative to the number of swimming pools. In effect, hotels with the greatest number of pools and smallest predicted crowds are given top billing.

The implicit assumption is that an overcrowded pool scene is more likely if the hotel has a lot of rooms and just one pool. But you should keep in mind that the type of guests attracted to that hotel, the size of the pool, and the proximity to the beach can influence the degree of overcrowding which actually arises.

Pools Hotel NameCity /
ViewHot TubAwards Ariel Sands Hamilton 3 16.2 None check Zagat's St Georges Club St. Georges 3 47.333 Most check N.A. Clear View Suites & Villas Hamilton Parish 2 12.0 Most   N.A. The Fairmont Hamilton Princess Hamilton 2 245.2 Most check Zagat's The Fairmont Southampton Southampton 2 300.0 A Few check Zagat's Granaway Guest House & Cottages Warwick 1 7.0 A Few   N.A. Dawkins Manor Paget 1 9.6 A Few   N.A. The Sandpiper Guest Apartments Warwick 1 16.8 A Few check N.A. Astwood Cove Warwick 1 17.0 A Few   N.A. Fourways Inn & Cottage Colony Paget 1 22.2 A Few   N.A. Grape Bay Beach Hotel Hamilton 1 24.0 A Few   N.A. White Sands Hotel and Cottage Paget 1 32.0 None   N.A. The Breakers Hotel Hamilton 1 36.0 A Few   N.A. Rosedon Hotel Bermuda Hamilton 1 47.0 Most check N.A. Rosemont Guest Apartments Hamilton 1 52.0 None check N.A. Coco Reef Resort Bermuda Hamilton 1 62.4 None   N.A. Pompano Beach Club Southampton 1 63.2 Most check N.A.

Once you pick a few hotels that look interesting, it's a snap to learn more. By clicking the name of each listed hotel you'll be led to a page full of information about that specific property. Each of the hotels in Bermudahas its own special ambiance and amenities blend. These detailed information pages can help you get a better feeling for what each hotel is like.. You're just a click away from learning more about the features and amenities of each of these hotels.

Or you can jump to another section of our guide to learn more about the geography and history of Bermuda, and numerous other topics.

Note: Our hotel information is gathered from multiple sources, including interviews with hotel staff. Though we've done our best to provide the most accurate information, we are not affiliated with the hotel, and encourage you to contact the hotel directly for more information.

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