Hotels in Bermuda with Children's Programs

If you're like most vacationers, you won't have any trouble enjoying yourself in Bermuda, but families sometimes find it a little harder to keep the younger members happy. Generally, that potential problem will disappear if your hotel offers an organized children's program. At their best, these programs offer a variety of different age-appropriate activities each day, ranging from arts and crafts projects to scavenger hunts and nature discovery expeditions, keeping children both entertained and stimulated.

These organized children's programs make it easy for Mom and Dad to explore on their own. A successful children's program can even convert a purely adult-focused vacation in Bermuda into a fun and memorable experience for the youngest family members as well as their parents.

The hotels on this page are ranked by the number of options and amenities provided that are likely to benefit guests vacationing in Bermuda with their children. Those ranked lower do not offer a full array of amenities appealing to families traveling with children, but they do provide a childrens' program.

Children's Programs Hotel NameCity /
Location Grotto Bay Beach Resort Hamilton Parish The Fairmont Southampton Southampton Wyndham Bermuda Resort & Spa - Southampton Beach Southampton Elbow Beach Club Resort Paget Parish

Of course, a childrens' program may be a top priority for you, but it is unlikely to be the only factor you'll want to consider in selecting the perfect hotel for your trip to Bermuda, so you may want to dig a little deeper.

By clicking the name of each listed hotel you'll jump over to a page with detailed information concerning other amenities and activities offered by that hotel, as well as the number of rooms, star rating, and other attributes.

You should consider check out the lists of hotels that offer other amenities that appeal to families vacationing with children. That very well might be the the most straight-forward way to recognize which of the hotels in Bermuda offer the specific amenities you and your family will enjoy the most.. If you can't find a hotel with all of the amenities needed to keep everyone in your family happy, you might be well advised to select a hotel with a childrens' program, while making sure it's close to another hotel with a golf course and other grown-up attractions.

Note: Our hotel information is gathered from multiple sources, including interviews with hotel staff. Though we've done our best to provide the most accurate information, we are not affiliated with the hotel, and encourage you to contact the hotel directly for more information.

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