Hotels in Bermuda Rated at 2 Stars

A variety of lodging choices awaits the traveler visiting Bermuda, from budget friendly rooms to luxury suites. Listed here are the hotels in Bermuda with 2 or 2.5 stars , which generally means quality establishments with high standards and a modest degree of luxury.

For those travelers looking for quality on a budget, hotels with 2 or 3 star ratings are a great places to start. Moreover, there are more reasons to check out these hotels than just reasonable price. Many people enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere that can be found with 2 and 2.5 star hotels, and aren't always available with the more luxurious resorts.

Each establishment on this site has been rated using data gathered from multiple sources. Our ratings are derived from data published by Zagat's Survey and AAA, and from interviews hotel personnel, providing useful insights into what to expect at each establishment. Learning about the hotles in the list is simple. They're listed from highest rating to lowest, beginning with the Rosedon Hotel Bermuda, and you only need to click on the name of a hotel to learn more about that property.

Two Star Hotels in Bermuda Hotel NameCity /
Villas Rosedon Hotel Bermuda Hamilton 47 0 0 Aunt Nea's Inn St. George's 11 2 1 Grape Bay Beach Hotel Hamilton 24 0 0 Munro Beach Cottages Southampton 0 0 17 Rosemont Guest Apartments Hamilton 34 10 3 Greenbank Guest House & Cottages Paget 3 8 0 Granaway Guest House & Cottages Warwick 5 0 1 The Breakers Hotel Hamilton 0 30 0 Dawkins Manor Paget 0 8 0 Astwood Cove Warwick 7 5 2 Fordham Hall Hamilton 9 2 0

If you're looking for something different from what you're finding here, you should check out the other ratings pages. Hotels rated with fewer stars offer another alternative for the more budget conscious, while 4 and 5 star hotels and resorts offer unsurpassed upscale luxury, but generally at a higher price.

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