Hotels Rated 1 Star or Lower in Bermuda

A variety of lodging choices awaits the traveler visiting Bermuda, from budget friendly rooms to luxury suites. Listed here are the hotels in Bermuda with no rating, .5, 1, or 1.5 stars . However, they may offer exactly what you're looking for when traveling on a budget.

A hotel with no rating or a rating of 1 or 1.5 stars usually lacks the many extra amenities or luxuries offered at more highly rated properties. If you're looking for comfortable accommodations without flashy d├ęcor at affordable prices, this is where you'll want to look.

These Star ratings were developed from a variety of different information sources. Our ratings are derived from data published by Zagat's Survey and AAA, and from interviews hotel personnel, thereby reflecting the experience and expectations of countless travelers. Learning about the hotles in the list is simple. They're listed from highest rating to lowest, beginning with the The Coral Beach & Tennis Club, and when you click on a hotel name, you'll be taken to a page dedicated to providing detailed information about that establishment.

One Star and Unrated Hotels in Bermuda Hotel NameCity /
Villas The Coral Beach & Tennis Club Paget PG04 32 0 13 White Sands Hotel and Cottage Paget 32 0 0

If the hotels on this list don't offer what you're looking for, check out some of our higher star ratings. 2 or 3 star hotels offer moderate services and amenities for a reasonable price.

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