Traveling to Bermuda

A few options for getting to Bermuda - one by air and two by sea

Getting There

It's not hard to find a convenient way to reach Bermuda. Regardless of your style or how long you want to stay, you'll find something that is perfect for you.

Live in the lap of luxury...


Air Travel

Air travel offers several options from Europe and North America, with almost daily flights out of most locations.  The island's location so near the United States means a quick flight for most, thus making flying the most convenient travel option. 

Bermuda's only airport is L.F. Wade International Airport which notably also serves as a NASA launch-abort site.  The airport offers direct service to 14 countries around the world, and has a policy that allows for constant improvements to the facilities.


Cruises are another convenient travel option, which allow you to live in the lap of luxury as you sail to this exciting destination.  Despite the island itself being smaller than many international airports, there are two different cruise ports:  Hamilton and St. George. Some of the world's most popular cruise lines regularly sail to this island, though the great majority travel from the United States. 

When you cruise to Bermuda, you'll likely have one day to explore all that you can.  Many cruisers use this time to get in some duty free shopping or relax on the beach, but there are plenty of attractions to be seen, like Crystal Caves and the National Maritime Museum.


Many people pass through Bermuda while sailing on their own yacht. The island makes a great stopping place for travelers heading to or from the Caribbean. However, it is also a great stop in itself, and should not be overlooked as a vacation destination.  Over 1,000 yachters sail to Bermuda each year, thanks in part to the island's close proximity to South Carolina.  Unlike cruise ships, yachters have only one port of entry, at St. George's Harbour, and yachters are permitted the opportunity to remain docked around the island for up to six months without penalty. 

No matter how you get there, once you arrive in Bermuda, you'll be greeted by one of the most relaxed islands in the Caribbean, warm weather, and the promise of great food.