Renting a Car in Bermuda

Limitations prevent travelers from driving rental cars on the roads of Bermuda

Photo credit: © Timothy Valentine
Renting a Car in Bermuda

Bermuda is one of the few places in the world that bans car rentals, therefore, you won't find any rental car agencies on the island.  Alternative modes of transportation, however, are available.

Vacationers to Bermuda are not allowed by the Bermuda Government to rent automobiles or operate any other kind of four wheeled vehicle on Bermuda roads.  Why?  The safety of tourists on unfamiliar and winding and twisting roads are of concern on this small island.

Taxis are available at the Bermuda International Airport, most hotels, and many tourist destinations including Front Street in Hamilton and King's Square in St. George.  Cabs are metered and are driven by experienced drivers.  Sightseeing tours can be arranged by certified taxi drivers.

Buses, which are blue and pink, having routes over most of the island, run regularly and are on time.  Pink and blue poles indicate bus stops traveling into Hamilton, or away from the city.  For more information about the buses, click here.

Visitors enjoy renting bikes and mopeds to explore Bermuda.  For more information about these and scooter rentals, click here.

Forget about driving in Bermuda, and enjoy its beauty with alternative transportation.