Ferries and Boats in Bermuda

Ferries allow visitors to site-see while navigating their way around Bermuda

Bermuda Ferries

Vacationers staying in Bermuda will find ferries and boats an enjoyable way to experience all the island offers. Water travel is generally very affordable and provides visitors an opportunity to experience the beautiful weather and gorgeous scenery of the Atlantic waters and pink-sand shoreline.

There are four ferry routes covering the island of Bermuda and each is color coded to make them more convenient and easy-to-use. The pink line originates in Hamilton before traveling to Paget and finally on to Warwick. The blue line leaves Hamilton bound for West End and from there heads to the Royal Naval Dockyard. The green line also originates in Hamilton and offers service to Rockaway Express.

The seasonal orange line, which only operates from April through November, travels from Hamilton to the Royal Naval Dockyard before moving on to St. George. All lines, seasonal or otherwise, operate based upon the day of the week, meaning Saturdays often have a different schedule than the work week, and Sundays and Holidays often acquire their own schedules as well.

The following chart illustrates which ports each colored route will visit each day:

Ferry Route Color Coding Color Ports Pink Hamilton - Paget - Warwick Blue Hamilton - West End - Royal Navy Dockyard Green Hamilton - Rockway Express Orange During Summer Months: Hamilton - Royal Navy Dockyard Orange During Winter Months: St. David's - St. George - Hamilton

Prices on ferry rides are low. There are several ways to purchase a ride.  Adults may buy an all-day pass for $12(USD).  Alternatively, passengers who prefer to pay per ride may opt for tokens or tickets, which both can be purchased either singly or in bulk. These will cost between $2.50(USD) and $4(USD) depending on the route and distance traveled. Children under 5 and senior citizens always ride for free. Children's rates are also available for youth between 5 and 16 years old.

Fare Information:

System Passes Length of Pass Price One Day $12(USD) Two Day $20(USD) Three Day $28(USD) Four Day $25(USD) Seven Day $45(USD) Monthly Pass $55(USD) Three Month Pass $135(USD) Tickets/Tokens for Pink Route Type of Ticket/Token Price Adult One Way $2.50(USD) 15 Adult Tickets $20(USD) Children (Five to 16) One Way $2(USD) Children Under Five One Way FREE Tickets/Tokens for Blue/Green Route Type of Ticket/Token Price Adult One Way $4(USD) Adult One Way with Motorbike $8(USD) 15 Adult Tickets $30(USD) Children (Five to 16) One Way $2(USD) Children Under Five One Way FREE Tickets/Tokens for Orange Route Type of Ticket/Token Price Adult One Way (Hamilton to/from Dockyard) $4(USD) Adult One Way with Motorbike (Hamilton to/from Dockyard) $8(USD) Adult One Way (Hamilton to/from St. George's) $4(USD) Adult One Way with Motorbike (Hamilton to/from St. George's) $8(USD) Children (Five to 16) One Way $2(USD) Children Under Five One Way FREE

Tickets are available at a number of different locations, but all tokens, tickets, and passes must be bought before you ride. Some hotels offer guests the ability to buy passes from them directly, but they are also available at the Visitors Service Bureau or the Public Transportation Board Central Terminal in Hamilton. Sightseeing and charter services can also be booked.

All lines permit bicycles to travel for free, but scooters and mopeds, called "bikes" by Bermudians, will only be permitted at an additional fee on certain routes. Blue and green routes can take scooters, as can the orange line, but scooters and mopeds can only be carried when the ferry is a catamaran ferry, and, depending on the time and day of the week, these will vary. It may sound a bit complicated, but the schedules can be straightened out with a bit of help from the Public Transportation Board.

In addition to your typical ferry service, in 2013, a local resident named Ashley Simmons launched a water taxi service called Bermuda Water Taxi.  For between $10 and $25(USD), Simmons will pick up and drop of tourists at their request anywhere between the Great Sound, Dockyard, Hamilton, and St. George's.  This can be done at any private and public dock in the area, and is a great addition to the lineup of transportation services for those who need personalized service.

For more information about schedules and routes, which change seasonally, check Bermuda's Public Transportation Board online or by telephone at (441) 292-3851.