Tom Moore's Tavern

Built in 1652 as a private home and renovated as a restaurant just over 100 years ago, Tom Moore's Tavern is the oldest restaurant on the island of Bermuda.


Tom Moore's Tavern offers a three course meal of an appetizer followed by a soup and salad, and completed by the main course. Main course options include several seafood dishes, roasted quail, chicken, and pork tenderloin. Beautiful and quality meals are a plated here, as this restaurant serves fine foods that are as stylish as it is scrumptious. This dining option is on the table during dinner only, so don't miss out.


Fine dining in an elegant environment is the m.o. at Tom Moore's Tavern. The once family home is split into five separate dining rooms, with seating also available on the terrace.


Located on the southern edge of Castle Harbour, Tom Moore's Tavern is a part of Bailey's Bay, and caters to hungry guests lodging in this area of St. David's Island. Even if you are not staying in this location, you are free to stop by to enjoy a bite. It's 3.1 miles South West of St. George.

There are still choices, but plan on finding just a limited but decent selection of hotels and other lodgings within reach of this establishment. And, because there's a couple of landmark attractions within close proximity, like Castle Island.

Many guests also enjoy the variety of outdoor pursuits in the vicinity. Visitors who drop by for the day might want to hop over to this restaurant's closest located golf facility, Tucker's Point. After a long, hot day on the links, refresh at Bailey's Bay, which you will find to be the most convenient beach to the restaurant. Actually, from the restaurant, this beach is three quarters of a mile. Remember, those two aren't the only beaches and golf courses in the general area.

Nearby Restaurants

On the other hand, having a whole spectrum of options is certainly welcomed during a trip to this country. Luckily, you'll soon learn this region of Bermuda offers a wonderful selection of sit-down and quick-service restaurants that whip up all types of food. If you had a small meal at Tom Moore's Tavern and plan on checking out other eateries, you may enjoy the some different food served at a close by stop, like Bailey's Bay Ice Cream Parlour.

Credit Cards Accepted

Tom Moore's Tavern accepts the following credit cards: American Express and Visa.

Contact Info

Location: Walsingham Lane, Bermuda

Phone: (441) 293-8020

Secondary Phone: (441) 293-4222

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