The Point Restaurant

Located on the property of Rosewood Tucker's Point, The Point Restaurant is an elegant place to enjoy a fantastic meal.


International favorites are made to stand out at The Point with the use of only the freshest and finest ingredients. This place is for those who seek particular tastes and lust fancy flavors, since this restaurant promises fine foods that entice the taste buds and the eyes. When is this restaurant option on the table? They're open during both breakfast and dinner, so consider giving it a try one day.


The Point Restaurant is well known for its PanAm Sky Club mural. The mural depict what was once the PanAm building in New York City. Now known as the MetLife building, the structure stretches across an 80 foot long mural in the main dining room. It is in this room that guests dine upon fine linens, bone china, and French cutlery. While the main dining room of The Point is certainly elegant enough, the Wine Room takes it up a notch. Here, over 3000 bottles of wine line the walls, while the wood-plank floors and candle lit sconces set a romantic tone.


The Point Restaurant, a part of Rosewood Tucker's Point, is located in St. George's Parish, in the vicinity of Castle Harbour; it is three and a half miles (five and a half kilometers) to the South South West of St. George.

Though you'll have choices, there's just a small smattering of hotels and other lodgings situated around the neighborhood.

This area does have its benefits such as Tucker's Point and Bailey's Bay. The beach is just a short distance from The Point Restaurant.

Nearby Restaurants

However, trying a little bit of everything is something you should expect during a relaxing holiday. Happily, this region of Bermuda has a huge selection of dining establishments that serve up distinct types of food. Once you're satisfied with the food at The Point Restaurant, you may enjoy the Caribbean food at Tom Moore's Tavern, which is a short boat ride away.

Contact Info

Location: 60 Tucker's Point Drive, Bermuda

Phone: (441) 298-4000

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