Ristorante Primavera


Ristorante Primavera offers its patrons a wonderful blend of its Italian roots coupled with the essence of Bermuda. Traditional Italian food incorporates the local ingredients like fresh seafood quite nicely for a truly gastronomical experience. The surprise of Ristorante Primavera is that there is also a sushi bar on the premises that does a fine job with a number of Japanese delicacies. By ordering a little of the Italian and sushi selections, you will find that the flavors marry well and keep the taste buds awake. Ristorante Primavera serves Italian cuisine. It is open for lunch & dinner.


The exterior of the restaurant is pure Bermuda and disguises the true Mediterranean roots you will find inside. The dining area is cozy and offers intimate, romantic booths that surround the main areas. The atmosphere is one of exclusivity and elegant comfort. With the cordial, solicitous staff to guide you, you will surely find the dining experience friendly and satisfying.


Given that Ristorante Primavera is located in the Hamilton area, if it's overcrowded or it isn't open, it is located near other dining venues (as discussed below).

If you'd like to know whether the place where you are staying is near Ristorante Primavera, the hotels that are closest to this restaurant are listed in the table below.

Hotels Near Ristorante Primavera HotelDistance Waterloo House 0.1 mi. Fairmont Hamilton Princess 0.4 mi. Rosedon Hotel Bermuda 0.4 mi. Fordham Hall 0.6 mi. Greenbank Guest House & Cottages 0.8 mi. Royal Palms Hotel 0.9 mi. Wharf Executive Suites Hotel 1.0 mi. Fourways Inn & Cottage Colony 1.0 mi. Dawkins Manor 1.1 mi. Horizons & Cottages 1.2 mi.

Credit Cards

Ristorante Primavera accepts American Express, Mastercard, and Visa.

Contact Info

66 Pitts Bay Road
Hamilton, Bermuda
(441) 295-2167