Bearing in mind that Primavera is conveniently located in the Hamilton area, if it's overcrowded or it isn't open, it's located near other dining establishments (as discussed below).

If you're wondering whether the place where you are staying is near Primavera, nearby hotels are listed in the table shown below.

Hotels Near Primavera HotelDistance Fordham Hall 0.1 mi. Fairmont Hamilton Princess 0.3 mi. Royal Palms Hotel 0.4 mi. Waterloo House 0.6 mi. Wharf Executive Suites Hotel 0.9 mi. Rosemont Guest Apartments 0.9 mi. Greenbank Guest House & Cottages 0.9 mi. Rosedon Hotel Bermuda 1.0 mi. Fourways Inn & Cottage Colony 1.1 mi. Granaway Guest House & Cottages 1.3 mi.

Credit Cards

Primavera accepts American Express, Mastercard, and Visa.

Contact Info

69 Pitts Bay Rd.
Hamilton West, Bermuda
(441) 295-2167

As you can see, our information about Primavera is very limited. If you are familiar with this restaurant and would like to share information about it, please contact us.