Front Street Terrace


Front Street Terrace is always packed to capacity by midday shoppers, who drop in to enjoy healthy salads, sandwiches, soups, and platters. The cuisine has strong international overtones. Dishes are made with the finest quality organic ingredients always emphasizing on the quality to favor the healthy conscious gourmet’s tastes. The timeless delicacies like tuna sandwiches with fresh pineapple-avocado mayonnaise, Thai chicken in a light curry sauce enhanced with Asian greens, and charcoal-grilled vegetable lasagna laced with fresh cheese, all make your taste buds go bonkers. Front Street Terrace serves International cuisine. It is open for breakfast & lunch.


This elegant waterfront bistro opens into an outdoor patio and is located in a busy area on the ground floor of one of Hamilton's largest department stores. The cedar-trimmed veranda protects the midday shoppers from the vagaries of Caribbean weather.


Not surprisingly, since Front Street Terrace is in the Hamilton area, if it isn't open, or it's overcrowded, it's not far from some other eating and drinking establishments (as shown below).

If you're wondering whether your accommodations are near Front Street Terrace, the nearest hotels are listed in the table below.

Hotels Near Front Street Terrace HotelDistance Fairmont Hamilton Princess 0.1 mi. Waterloo House 0.3 mi. Fordham Hall 0.4 mi. Rosedon Hotel Bermuda 0.6 mi. Royal Palms Hotel 0.6 mi. Greenbank Guest House & Cottages 0.8 mi. Wharf Executive Suites Hotel 0.9 mi. Fourways Inn & Cottage Colony 1.0 mi. Rosemont Guest Apartments 1.2 mi. Dawkins Manor 1.3 mi.

Credit Cards

Front Street Terrace accepts Mastercard and Visa.

Contact Info

59 Front St.
Pembroke Parish, Bermuda
(441) 296-5265