Discover eclectic Options

Bermuda is known for serving eclectic food at a selection of restaurants throughout the country

Throughout Bermuda, expect to be overwhelmed by the savory selection of quick-service, sit-down, and fine dining establishments. Those who adore eclectic cuisine particularly should take note of those restaurants offering this cuisine on the menu. Expect to encounter a respectable number of places where you can order dishes prepped in this style.

Bermuda is neither too large nor an especially small-sized nation, meaning proximity to a favorite cuisine can give insight about whether you pick one town or the next. With many options, from the very casual favorite named Blue Point Restaurant to the inviting lunch and dinner at Freeport Seafood Restaurant, there's a menu suited for each traveler and any style of dining desired.

Below, pursue the group of popular establishments that specialize in food of the eclectic variety. Click on one of the options to see more important info about its hours, locale, and even nearby attractions.

The Point Restaurant

St. George's Parish | (441) 298-4000

Set 1.0 mile south of Castle Harbour, The Point Restaurant is on the same premises as Rosewood Tucker's Point, and is a viable choice for people who are going to check out this part of the vicinity of Bermuda. St. George is three and a half miles (five and a half kilometers) to the north north east.

When considering this restaurant, anticipate fancy, fine foods in a setting for special occasions requiring something beyond less formal establishments. The Point Restaurant is well known for its PanAm Sky Club mural. The mural depict what was once the PanAm building in ... Read More.

Jasmine Lounge

Warwick Parish | 866-540-4497

Jasmine Lounge is a part of Fairmont Southampton, and is a good option worth considering if you're thinking about spending some time seeing this section of Bermuda. It's 3.8 miles south west of Hamilton.

As part of their panel of eclectic culinary creations, this visitor favorite likes to suggest its salads and sandwiches. Decorated like an over-stuffed British parlor, Jasmine Lounge features comfy seating and pale colors, floral prints, and classic wood pieces. Read More.

Blue Point Restaurant

Paget Parish | 441-236-3535

Blue Point Restaurant is located at Elbow Beach Club Resort, and is a good choice worth considering if you are thinking about staying near this area of Bermuda. It is 1.7 miles south south east of Hamilton.

This local establishment isn't merely eclectic delights and particularly salads, but here they're also known for putting out great sandwiches. Guests may choose from an eclectic menu which ranges from lite offerings like salad, to more hearty meals like satays and even ... Read More.

The Dock

Warwick Parish | 866-540-4497

The Dock is on the same premises as Fairmont Southampton. It's 3.8 miles south west of Hamilton.

Looking to enjoy much-loved local cuisine in an easy-going setting? Don't miss the mellow surroundings over at The Dock. The Dock is literally set on a wooden dock, and furnished like a contemporary living room with comfy seating. Read More.

Harley's Restaurant

Hamilton | 800-257-7544

Situated toward the southern outskirts of Hamilton, Harley's Restaurant is a part of Fairmont Hamilton Princess, and is a logical selection worth considering if you're thinking about exploring this part of the city and the immediate surrounding area.

When the boisterous crew is anticipating memorable eclectic cuisine in a welcoming setting, this breezy restaurant fits the bill. Begin your day with a buffet breakfast of everything from fruit and yogurt to bacon and Belgian waffles. Lunch is a menu ... Read More.

Freeport Seafood Restaurant

Par-la-Ville Park | (441) 234-1692

Freeport Seafood Restaurant is situated in Par-la-Ville Park, just beyond the the center of Hamilton.

When the boisterous crew is in need of a tasty selection of eclectic eats in a fairly relaxed and welcoming dining area, this mellow restaurant is a great fit. Sine the 19th century, dock workers have been dining in the front room of the building that now houses Freeport Seafood Restaurant. ... Read More.


Warwick Parish | 866-540-4497

Wickets is on the premises of Fairmont Southampton, and is a smart choice worth considering if you're exploring this part of Bermuda. In case you're wondering, Hamilton is four miles (six kilometers) to the north east.

Though they're broadly known for food with eclectic flair, this visitor favorite eagerly offers their hamburgers and salads. The pato-style wooden tables edge the pool at Wickets, and guests also have the option of dining from the comfort of a ... Read More.

Fresco's Restaurant & Wine Bar

Downtown Hamilton | (441) 295-5058

Fresco's Restaurant & Wine Bar is located in downtown Hamilton, in the heart of Hamilton.

Not only is this restaurant famed for eclectic creations and one favorite, pasta, but we shouldn't forget they're also masters of seafood. The menu at Fresco's contains a wide selection of fish and other seafood, as well as a number of pasta dishes that ... Read More.

The Heritage Court

Hamilton | 800-257-7544

Situated in the southern outskirts of Hamilton, The Heritage Court is on the premises of Fairmont Hamilton Princess.

Fresh catches from and eclectic panache are an outstanding combo at this favorite eatery. Bermuda's history as a British colony is evident in the structural design of The Heritage Court, while the actual decor is more modern.

Guests often find that the best restaurants in Bermuda are those you didn't think you'd ever wander into while walking around during the day. But, writing down the names of a couple of nice-looking restaurants in your travel plans, is better than leaving everything to the last minute. To discover even more concerning the dining options waiting for you, check out Culinary Styles of Bermuda.