Bermuda's Continental Offerings

You'll always eat well when you choose Continental cuisine options in Bermuda

Throughout Bermuda, you'll encounter a wide selection of options when it comes to dining. Those who adore Continental cuisine particularly should pay attention to the restaurants that always feature it on the menu. Easily browse the variety of Continental foods available in Bermuda at the satisfying set of restaurants below.

Bermuda is could be described as a medium-sized location, which means that proximity to a favorite menu item may influence whether you pick one town or the next. With lots to tempt your palate, from the fine dining favorite named Waterlot Inn to the lovely dinner service at Royston's, there's something in store for each person in your party and style of vacation.

Take a moment to scan and read details about the places that offer Continental fare. Find one that whets your appetite and click to learn more about its hours, location, and other offerings.

Tom Moore's Tavern

Castle Harbour | (441) 293-8020

Tom Moore's Tavern is a part of Bailey's Bay. St. George is three miles (five kilometers) to the north east.

Salty, fresh seafood and Continental food are a great pair at this friendly, fine dining establishment. Fine dining in an elegant environment is the m.o. at Tom Moore's Tavern. The once family home is split into five separate ... Read More.

Griffin's Bistro

St. George | (441) 297-1200 ext 331

Griffin's Bistro is located in the western outskirts of St. George.

The atmosphere here is decidedly formal, which means those travelers who want to celebrate or splurge with Continental culinary creations should learn more. The menu at Griffin's revolves around imported steaks and fresh, local seafood, though specialty nights give the chefs an opportunity to serve ... Read More.

Waterlot Inn

Warwick Parish | 866-540-4497

Waterlot Inn, which is part of Fairmont Southampton, is a logical choice for you to consider if you're thinking about spending some time seeing this area of Bermuda. four miles (six kilometers) to the south west of Hamilton.

Patrons that are compelled to eat steak will especially love eating here during a visit to Warwick Parish. Fresh ingredients and prime aged meats mean that this menu is filled with offerings considered to be the best of the best.

Bolero Brasserie

Par-la-Ville Park | (441) 292-4507

Bolero Brasserie is found within Par-la-Ville Park, toward the heart of Hamilton.

Both exuberant and exhausted travelers love that this awesome bistro is about as casual as they come, so, of course, visitors should feel relaxed as they come to try one of tasty offerings here. In true Brasserie style, the menu at Bolero Brasserie is extensive and changes several times a year aside from a few "classics," ... Read More.


Warwick Parish | (441) 238-0222

Royston's, which is part of The Reefs, can be found close to Hamilton; it's four miles (six and a half kilometers) to the south south east of Somerset Village.

As part of a menu decked with food with Continental flair, this place is known for its seafood and steak. The menu at Royston's is part seafood shack, part traditional steakhouse, with the use of fresh herbs and spices to add unique ... Read More.

Despite your dining plans, you may find the best dining options in Bermuda are the ones that you decide upon spontaneously during your daytime travels. However, you'll save yourself some stress if you have a concrete plan for some meals. To discover much more about the culinary options available to you, check out The Ins and Outs of Food in Bermuda.