Discover contemporary Options

Bermuda is known for serving contemporary food at a selection of restaurants throughout the country

When the craving strikes for contemporary food, don't miss a chance to treat yourself. You may be a bit limited in your options, but you can still find a couple of locations in Bermuda specializing in this this type of food.

Bermuda is noted as an average-sized place to spend a getaway, and in some ways finding the family's favorite cuisine might help determine where you book your stay. From the pleasant, informal attitude beloved by patrons of The Newport to the restaurants whose specialties will have you craving more, there's something in store for each person in your party and style of vacation.

Use the list below to get more details about the few delicious contemporary restaurants you'll encounter while vacationing nearby. Click on one of the options to see more important info about its ambiance, food, and what's located nearby.

Barracuda Grill

Downtown Hamilton | (441) 292-1609

Positioned near the middle of downtown Hamilton, Barracuda Grill is at 5 Burnaby Hill.

When your family is anticipating a tasty selection of contemporary eats that's far from prim and proper, this informal restaurant is a great fit. Stylish yet inviting, Barracuda Grill features mahogany furnishings and booths separated by etched glass partitions. Contemporary lamps hang from the ceiling, bringing just enough color and warmth to the room to make it accessible.

The Newport

Warwick Parish | 866-540-4497

The Newport is located at Fairmont Southampton. If you're wondering, Hamilton is four miles (six kilometers) to the north east.

Hoping to have a great plate of food in a fun and completely informal location? Perhaps you'll like the laid-back ambiance and service at this pub. Read More.

Despite your dining plans, you may find the best kitchens, cafes, and dining rooms in Bermuda are those you find unexpectedly during your exploration of different cities. At the same time, you can't go wrong when you learn about dining in a particular region in advance. To read more about the kinds of food waiting for you, check out Bermuda Food.