Discover Caribbean Options

Bermuda is known for serving Caribbean food at a selection of restaurants throughout the country

The cuisine of the Caribbean is cherished by tourists and locals, perhaps because chefs use explosive spices, produce from the land, and unbelievably fresh seafood. You won't have trouble finding a place either, since there's more than enough restaurants just within this category.

Bermuda is noted as an average-sized place to vacation, so it's possible that the availability of familiar foods could give insight about where you stay and your budget. With many options, from the informal attitude at OBar to the beautiful smells of lunch and dinner at Lobster Pot & Boat House Bar, you might come across a dish you absolutely love.

The following list allows you to get a taste for the large collection of restaurants serving Caribbean cuisine available. Under each restaurant, you can click to see more important info about its dress code, food, or even nearby attractions.

Breezes at Cambridge Beaches

Sandys Parish | (441) 234-0331

Breezes at Cambridge Beaches, a part of Cambridge Beaches Resort, is situated near Hamilton; it's 0.6 miles to the north of Somerset Village.

For a convenient, fuss-free place to start eating a good plate of Caribbean food, don't hesitate to try this place which is a very casual establishment. This alfresco restaurant enjoys views of Long Beach in a stylish, yet comfortable atmosphere.

Ocean Club

Warwick Parish | 866-540-4497

Ocean Club, part of Fairmont Southampton, is a logical choice for you to consider if you're going to check out this part of Bermuda. 3.8 miles to the south west of Hamilton.

Seafood (of course) and Caribbean food make for a bold combo at this enjoyable restaurant. Read More.


Par-la-Ville Park | (441) 292-3500

Positioned in Par-la-Ville Park, about 100 yards north of downtown Hamilton, OBar is at 4 Bermudiana Road.

Not only is this restaurant famed for Caribbean goodies, which yes, includes appetizers, but they're also known for putting out great chicken. On week days, you can start your day off at Obar with a coffee, and as they day progresses, lunch-style items such ... Read More.

Four Ways Inn Main Dining Room

Warwick Parish | (441) 236-6517

Four Ways Inn Main Dining Room, part of Fourways Inn & Cottages, is at 1 Middle Road. to the south of Hamilton.

Salty, fresh seafood and Caribbean flair play nicely together at this inviting formal dining option. Cedar beams run across the ceiling, providing cover for the charming and old-fashioned setting at Four Ways Inn. The restaurant features elegant ... Read More.

Blackhorse Tavern

St. David's Island | (441) 297-1991

Blackhorse Tavern is found 2.8 miles east north east of Castle Harbour; it's 1.5 miles to the south east of St. George.

As an added bonus to Caribbean fare, this establishment has some darn tasty International food, so it's a delicious choice for those who want to try some unique combinations. Fresh seafood and chicken items here are fried here in traditional Bermuda fashion that the locals love. In addition, Blackhorse Tavern also serves grilled steaks and hamburgers for those looking for a meaty meal.

Lobster Pot & Boat House Bar

Downtown Hamilton | (441) 292-6898

Lobster Pot & Boat House Bar is located in downtown Hamilton, near the heart of Hamilton.

Lovely, mild seafood and Caribbean panache come together for some great dishes at this super casual restaurant. Bermudan sea food specialties like baked snapper and Bermuda rock fish are the main dishes that draw visitors to the Lobster Pot, ... Read More.

Hog Penny

Downtown Hamilton | (441) 292-2534

Set near the middle of downtown Hamilton, Hog Penny is a good option for you to consider if you're going to check out this neighborhood.

If you and your party have a taste to couple Caribbean food with British style, this dining establishment is selling both. Though decidedly a British Pub, Hog Penny offers an eclectic menu of international dishes, with everything from steak and kidney pie to ... Read More.

Bone Fish

Boaz Island | (441) 234-5151

Situated close to Bermuda, Bone Fish is at 6 Dockyard Terrace. In case you're wondering, Somerset Village is to the south west.

If it doesn't feel right to dress up just for indulging in a helping of Caribbean fare, stop by this local option where the service and style is very relaxed. The outside patio area features white and blue umbrellas under which guests can dine on sunny, breezy days. Inside, guests find sleek ... Read More.

Tom Moore's Tavern

Castle Harbour | (441) 293-8020

Tom Moore's Tavern is on the same premises as Bailey's Bay. It is 3.1 miles south west of St. George.

Beautiful seafood and Caribbean fare both share the spotlight at this exceptional fine foods restaurant. Tom Moore's Tavern offers a three course meal of an appetizer followed by a soup and salad, and completed by the main ... Read More.

Speciality Inn

Par-la-Ville Park | (441) 236-3133

Located in Par-la-Ville Park, about 100 yards north of downtown Hamilton, Speciality Inn is at 4 South Shore Road.

Don't hesitate to pass through Par-la-Ville Park for a mouth-watering helping of the specialty, sushi.

Some of the most memorable offerings of Caribbean food in Bermuda are the ones you decide upon spontaneously while journeying to and from your hotel. Of course, it's still a good idea to make a list of specific places to try. To find out more information about the dining options waiting for you, check out Bermuda's Food.