Dine on British Cuisine

Bermuda's British food will have you clearing your plate and asking for seconds

During your visit to Bermuda, expect to be overwhelmed by the tempting spread of local eateries, vendors, and fine food. But guests who seek British cuisine in particular will want to visit the places that dub it their specialty. Get an idea of the variety of British foods available in Bermuda at the satisfying set of restaurants below.

Bermuda is a moderately sized vacation spot, so your preference for a favorite type of food may help determine the final location of your lodgings. With many options, from the very casual atmosphere beloved by diners at Frog & Onion to the much anticipated lunch service at Swizzle Inn Pub at Bailey's Bay, there's a menu suited for each traveler and style of vacation.

Take time to preview the fairly full set of options where the focus is on British food. Find one that whets your appetite and click to discover the details about its style, hours, or even what the view will be like.

Henry VIII

Warwick Parish | (441) 238-1977

Henry VIII is situated in the vicinity of Hamilton; it's 4.0 miles to the south east of Somerset Village.

Thinking about British food, and definitely need some sushi? Even if it's outside your norm, you may as well make this place the one thing on your list you do twice. The menu at Henry VIII is a good mix of island favorites and British classics. Steak and kidney pie and fish chowder ... Read More.

Frog & Onion

Boaz Island | (441) 234-2900

Frog & Onion is located near Somerset Island; it is to the north east of Somerset Village.

The style of service at this awesome pub is about as casual as they come, and that's good because patrons can take a time out and just eat simple, outrageously good grub. Once a barrel making factory, the restaurant's thick granite walls are covered in genuine naval artifacts that set the tone for the ... Read More.

Hog Penny

Downtown Hamilton | (441) 292-2534

Located in the heart of downtown Hamilton, Hog Penny is a viable choice that's worth considering if you're going to be spending time seeing this neighborhood.

If the idea of Caribbean food combined with British appeals to your palate, think about this restaurant during your vacation in Bermuda. Loud music keeps the ambiance at Hog Penny fun and upbeat. Read More.

Somerset Country Squire Pub & Restaurant

Somerset Village | (441) 234-0105

Located in the northwestern outskirts of Somerset Village, Somerset Country Squire Pub & Restaurant is a logical selection for travelers thinking about staying near this area of Somerset Island.

Fresh fish and British fare share the same plate at this friendly restaurant atmosphere. The Somerset Country Squire Pub specializes in the fresh and local seafood dishes as well as their barbecued meats. However, they also ... Read More.

Swizzle Inn Pub at Bailey's Bay

Henrys Hill | (441) 293-1854

Swizzle Inn Pub at Bailey's Bay, which is part of Bailey's Bay, is a viable choice worth considering if you are thinking about spending some time visiting this village or a nearby area. 3.4 miles to the south west of St. George.

The character and formality of this awesome pub is completely casual, so, of course, patrons can be themselves and spend real quality time while they eat simple, outrageously good grub. If there is one thing Swizzle Inn is known for, it is the Rum Swizzle, the signature house cocktail comprised of rum ... Read More.

Similar Food

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Sometimes, the most exciting culinary offerings in Bermuda are those that you find unexpectedly during your daytime travels. Then again, it doesn't hurt to plan on visiting specific venues. To learn more details regarding the kinds of food awaiting you, check out Bermuda's Food.