Friday October 14, 2011

Alphabetical Listing of Bermuda Restaurants - P


| Mediterranean |          | (441) 236-7100 |

This restaurant called the Palms is almost like a secret that the locals horde. The food is spectacular and does not lend itself to any particular... more info

Paradiso Cafe

| Deli |          | (441) 295-3263 |

Paradiso Café is hopping every day with takers for lunch so that means that they make some great food! The menu has more of a trendy bistro type of... more info

Paraquet Restaurant

| Caribbean |          | (441) 236-9742 |

If you want a taste of the Bermudian banquet of the 50’s, Paraquet Restaurant dishes out the island’s largest sandwich, omelets, salads and homemade... more info

Pasta Basta

| Italian |          | (441) 295-9785 |

Pasta Basta is a haunt for pleasing food at the minimal of rates. Simple North Italian dishes like pastas and salads make up the menu. Delicious... more info

Pasta Pasta

| Italian |          | (441) 295-7789 |

Good Italian food is rare in Bermuda, but Pasta Pasta delivers. Pizza, pastas and other Italian fare rule. more info

Pawpaws Restaurant & Bar

| French |          | (441) 236-7459 |

The tantalizing lunch menu includes sandwiches, salads and Pawpaw Montespan made from green papaya, ground beef and herbs, the restaurant’s signature... more info

Pirates Landing

| International |          | (441) 234-0331 |

The Pirates Landing Restaurant is suited to those foodies who are looking for a joint serving satisfying and delicious culinary. The menu includes... more info

Port O'Call

| Steak |          | (441) 295-5373 |

Port O Call’s award winning contemporary menu features fresh fish, homemade pastas and the best of Bermuda produce. It changes regularly according to... more info


| Italian |          | (441) 292-2375 |

The Portofino Restaurant is renowned for the wide selection of Italian dishes on offer. Munch on 17 different varieties of pizzas including Cesare's... more info


| Italian |          | (441) 295-2167 |

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