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Restaurants serving French cuisine


|          | (441) 295-9644 |

The Ascots Restaurant's co-owner cum Chef Angelo Armano serves innovative delicacies prepared with fresh ingredients from local farmers and... more info

Bistro J.

|          | (441) 296-8546 |

Bristol J. Restaurant reflects a great culinary experience. The best of European and American meats are available here. Sea foods like herb-crusted... more info

La Coquille

|          | (441) 292-6122 |

The La Coquille serves Chef Serge Bottelli's innovative preparations of French delicacies. Specialities include grilled or pan-fried fish served with... more info

Le Figaro Bistro & Bar

|          | (441) 296-4991 |

more info

Little Venice

|          | (441) 295-3503 |

Who would have thought that you would find some of the best Italian food around in Bermuda? Little Venice is such an appropriate name for a... more info

Monte Carlo

|          | (441) 295 5453 |

Monte Carlo coddles your palate with southern French and Italian cuisine. You can savour the best-ever bouillabaisse in the City of Hamilton, a taste... more info

Pawpaws Restaurant & Bar

|          | (441) 236-7459 |

The tantalizing lunch menu includes sandwiches, salads and Pawpaw Montespan made from green papaya, ground beef and herbs, the restaurant’s signature... more info

The Newport Room

|          | (441) 239-6964 |

Established as one of the best restaurants in Bermuda, the restaurant has a steady flow of customers to relish the Scottish smoked salmon, Hudson... more info

Tom Moore's Tavern

|          | (441) 293-8020 |

Tom Moore’s Tavern presents classic French and Italian cuisine. The restaurant celebrates seafood like Broiled scrampi and Bermuda fish. During... more info

Waterloo House

|          | (441) 295-4480 |

Encompassing local island cuisine and culinary delights with a hint of a European influence, Waterloo House provides an enjoyable dining experience.... more info