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Restaurants serving Caribbean cuisine

Black Horse Tavern

|          | (441) 297-1991 |

Authentic local food delights the diners here at Black Horse Tavern. Choose one of the catch of the days … you won't go wrong there. Lobster, conch... more info

Clubhouse Dining Room

|          | (441) 238-0222 |

more info


|          | (441) 238-0222 |

The menu at Coconuts changes often but there always is some fresh fish and local produce prepared in contemporary Bermudian and international... more info


| Fine Dining | (441) 238-0222 |

Open for lunch and dinner, diners will get a very different experience depending on when they go to Coconuts. The lunch menu features typical light... more info

Dennis's Hideaway

|          | (441) 297-0044 |

more info

Fourways Inn

|          | (441) 236-6517 |

Gourmet food with the styling of the French and other continental flavors are what set the Fourways Inn apart from other restaurants in Bermuda.... more info

Freeport Gardens

|          | (441) 234-1692 |

This is a down home Bermudan restaurant with plenty of fresh seafood on the menu. Got lobster on the brain? No problem! Fish, shrimp and scallops... more info

Fresco's Restaurant & Wine Bar

|          | (441) 295-5058 |

The wines are a huge draw at Fresco's. The menu changes periodically, but you can rest assured that there will be quite a few seafood dishes... more info

Heritage Court

|          | (441) 295-3000 |

Heritage Court offers up island flavor on traditional food fare like hamburgers, shrimp and chicken. The chowder is a crowd pleaser and the salads... more info

Jamaican Grill

|          | (441) 296-6577 |

Jamaican Grill whips up indigenous West Indian specialties besides spicy Jamaican dishes. The restaurant serves traditional cuisine like the Jamaican... more info


|          | (441) 293-1322 |

Very close to the airport in Hamilton Parish, Landfall has been around a long time. Menu items change regularly, usually leaning toward Bermudan... more info


|          | (441) 295-5759 |

You can pick and choose from Portuguese red-bean soup, Bermuda fish chowder or light salads and move on to the main course comprising of grilled... more info

Paraquet Restaurant

|          | (441) 236-9742 |

If you want a taste of the Bermudian banquet of the 50’s, Paraquet Restaurant dishes out the island’s largest sandwich, omelets, salads and homemade... more info

Pawpaws Restaurant & Bar

|          | (441) 236-7459 |

The tantalizing lunch menu includes sandwiches, salads and Pawpaw Montespan made from green papaya, ground beef and herbs, the restaurant’s signature... more info

Red Carpet Bar & Restaurant

|          | (441) 292-6195 |

Nice healthy blends of both Italian and French dishes reign here. From the delicate flavors of lamb with fresh herbs to the hearty chowder to the... more info

Spot Restaurant

|          | (441) 292-6293 |

Spot Restaurant is an attraction for the quality and quantity of the food provided at the prices affordable by all. Variety of bacon, egg, pancake,... more info

Spring Garden

|          | (441) 295-7416 |

If you're in Bermuda, you have to try the local cuisine, and Spring Garden is one of the best places to do so. At this restaurant, you can enjoy... more info

The Beach

| Informal | (268) 480-6940 |

The Beach has a diverse menu, with special Atkins-friendly menu for the calorie conscious foodies as well. Try out the deep-fried local fish, or... more info

The Pickled Onion

|          | (441) 295-2263 |

Watch out for the Pickled Onion! You have the potential to overeat. The portions are substantial and offer traditional bar food but with a special... more info

Waterloo House

|          | (441) 295-4480 |

Encompassing local island cuisine and culinary delights with a hint of a European influence, Waterloo House provides an enjoyable dining experience.... more info

White Horse Tavern

|          | (441) 297-1838 |

The famous Pub/Restaurant is renowned for its signature drinks. Cool seafood and food items like chips are part of its menu. The White Horse Tavern... more info