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Restaurants serving American cuisine


| Informal | (441) 296-3333 |

Docksider is a fun place where you can find your every day pub menu. There are the fish and chips, sandwiches, hamburgers and more. No surprises... more info

Fourways Inn

|          | (441) 236-6517 |

Gourmet food with the styling of the French and other continental flavors are what set the Fourways Inn apart from other restaurants in Bermuda.... more info


|          | (441) 236-0048 |

Chef Anton Mosimann and his healthful fusion cuisine have provided a touch of class and brilliance for Horizons. The Chef and his impeccably trained... more info

M.R. Onions

|          | (441) 292-5012 |

Bite into the mouth-watering MR Onion Rings (battered onion rings served with a ranch dip) and Coconut Shrimp (4 shrimps dipped in coconut and... more info

Red Carpet Bar & Restaurant

|          | (441) 292-6195 |

Nice healthy blends of both Italian and French dishes reign here. From the delicate flavors of lamb with fresh herbs to the hearty chowder to the... more info

Rosa's Cantina

|          | (441) 295-1912 |

Rosa's Cantina is a lot of fun and provides a great selection of delicious Tex-Mex food. With affordable prices, you can easily have your fill of... more info

Rustico Restaurant & Pizzeria

|          | (441) 295-5212 |

If you are seeking a restaurant in Bermuda that has a little bit of everything, then Rustico is it! The Italian food is zesty and mouth-watering with... more info

Specialty Inn

|          | (441) 236-3133 |

If everyone in your party has a taste for something different, then the Specialty Inn is the perfect choice. Where else can you order sushi, pizza... more info

Spot Restaurant

|          | (441) 292-6293 |

Spot Restaurant is an attraction for the quality and quantity of the food provided at the prices affordable by all. Variety of bacon, egg, pancake,... more info

Swizzle Inn

|          | (441) 293-1854 |

Swizzle Inn is best known for it’s out of the world rum swizzle (amber and black rum, triple sec, orange and pineapple juices, and bitters), which is... more info

The Beach

| Informal | (268) 480-6940 |

The Beach has a diverse menu, with special Atkins-friendly menu for the calorie conscious foodies as well. Try out the deep-fried local fish, or... more info

The Pearl Onion

| Very Casual | 441-238-8122 |

Overlooking Boat Bay and complete with its own waterfall, the Pearl Onion is the place to relax and have a cool drink in this outdoor lounge area. more info

TipToe Lounge

| Informal | 441-238-8122 |

The TipToe Lounge is the perfect place to have a tropical cocktail or a light meal. more info