Vacationers will notice a reverence for traditional dining in restaurants throughout Bermuda

The Importance of Eating

Visitors will notice the British reverence for dining in Bermuda, where English colonization has left its mark in the form of afternoon teas and long dinners. A few differences in dining customs may surprise international travelers, but should ultimately serve to enhance their restaurant experience.

Dining on Bermuda has always been a relatively conservative affair, and diners should adhere to a general dress code. Shorts (even the beloved Bermuda variety) are rarely appropriate at respectable sit-down restaurants; bathing suits never are. Some establishments require male guests to wear a jacket and tie for dinner, particularly in the high season. If you are unsure of the exact requirements, feel free to inquire when making reservations.

Restaurants on the island get extremely busy, particularly during the peak season. Consequently, vacationers are advised to make reservations well in advance to ensure that tables are available. You can even fax your reservations to some restaurants before you leave home. Hotel concierge staff should be able to give personalized recommendations and make reservations for their guests, as well.

Travelers should be aware that restaurants may add a service charge of 15 percent to the bill. This is a gratuity for your servers and the staff who prepared your meal. If the charge is present, additional tipping is not needed. If your check does not include this charge, the tipping standard in Bermuda, as in the United States, is around 15 to 20 percent. As always, guests should tip to reflect the quality of service.

With world-class service and a blend of colonial refinement and island spunk, hungry vacationers will discover that Bermuda is a great place to enjoy exotic foods in a refreshing atmosphere.


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