Visitors will encounter inspired and unusual fare while dining in Bermuda

Island Adjustments

While some travelers prefer a tranquil stay by the ocean, others are eager to immerse themselves in local culture. Fortunately, dining options in Bermuda can accommodate both the footloose and the formal vacationer.

The cost of dining in Bermuda can be high because many ingredients must be imported from the United States. Travelers should have no problem finding moderately priced meals but are reminded that local specialties such as rockfish, oysters, and lobster (called “guinea chick” by locals) will be more affordable, as they are more readily available on the islands.

Diners who prefer a very casual dining experience may be interested in the small local restaurants that have a diverse menu. These can provide an opportunity to sample the most authentic local fare, and an average meal should cost less than $15(USD) per person. Fast food has also made its way onto the island and can be a familiar alternative for guests looking for an inexpensive bite to eat. Meals at fast food restaurants will cost between $5(USD) and $10(USD).

Moderate dining in Bermuda often showcases many of the cultural influences that have played an important role in shaping the area. The menus generally reflect an interest in international cuisine, and even the local dishes are often served with a continental flair. The cost of dining in a mid-range restaurant is between $20(USD) and $30(USD).

Traditionally, Bermuda has not been known for adventurous and creative dining. This has started to change as renowned chefs have begun cooking in fashionable restaurants. Visitors can pay more than $35(USD) per person for a meal at one of the more tony restaurants, but can expect a satisfying and innovative treat for their money.

Regardless of whether vacationers are searching for a quiet, romantic dinner for two or an accommodating meal for the whole family, there is never a shortage of options in Bermuda.


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