St. Peter's Church

St. Peter's Church holds an esteemed place in the religious history of the New World. Built by 1620, it was the first protestant church in the Western Hemisphere, and the first Anglican Church to be built outside of the British Isles. Officially named, "Their Majesties' Chapel St. Peter's Church" by honor of Queen Elizabeth II in 2012, structures of the original 1620 church are still standing in hr current one.

Location and What's Nearby

St. Peter's Church is situated near the middle of St. George.

Vivacious travelers will likely be engaged by the area because of the ample availability of outdoor pursuits. Travelers interested in trying out their aptitude on the golf course, can do so at the nearest golfing opportunity, which is St. George's Golf Club. If you aren't a golfer, you're not out of luck - head to Tobacco Bay Beach, the most convenient beach to visit. Also, at least two other outdoor options remain in the community. Guests will also find additional other local attractions within a reasonable distance. The two most convenient other landmarks to St. Peter's Church are Bermuda National Trust Museum and Vera P. Card, which luckily, are both within walking distance.


Visitors can feel free to visit the historic church an take part in a tradition that has consistently taken place for nearly four-hundred years. As you explore the church, you will be able to find numerous artifacts and information cards letting you know what things are and their significance.

Staying Close

Those wishing to visit St. Peter's Church may choose to book their trip in St. George, since those staying in this region of Bermuda will have the benefit of easy access to this historic attraction throughout their trip. There are a good bunch of lodgings in the neighborhood nearby this facility.

Hotels near St. Peter's Church Hotel Type Island Distance Direction Aunt Neas Inn At Hillcrest Hotel St. David's Island 0.1 mi. (0.2 km) WNW Grotto Bay Beach Resort Resort St. David's Island 2.8 mi. (4.6 km) SW Rosewood Tucker's Point Resort None 3.2 mi. (5.2 km) SSW The Mid Ocean Club Resort None 3.5 mi. (5.7 km) S


Operating Hours

Give the historic site a call ahead of time to get the exact hours of operation.


To find out how much the museum charges, dial up St. Peter's Church before your visit to find out if they charge, and if so, how much.

Contact Information

Phone Number: (441) 297-8359 Or (441) 297 0216

Location: Duke of York Street, St. George, St. David's Island