Sessions House

The second official House of Assembly, it is also the current. Built in 1826 due to the the capital being changed to Hamilton, the Session House has since then been the seat of the government of Bermuda.

Location and What's Nearby

Located in the heart of downtown Hamilton, Sessions House invites local residents and visitors rooming in this neighborhood. Regardless of whether you're staying very close, you should consider stopping by to check it out.

If you find yourself hungry after viewing the historic site, no problem -- you will find an exceptionally large selection of food offerings in this area. # Greg's Steakhouse CLOSED, a restaurant where they specialize in steak, and offers convenient access to the historic site. # Greg's Steakhouse CLOSED is right within walking distance of this landmark, making it convenient to eat at, whether you and your group hope to stay for a simple bite or stay for a full meal. Moon Night Club and Maria's Ristorante are additional food and drink options near Sessions House. At Maria's Ristorante you and your group can eat some Italian meals and experience the culture of Bermuda.

What to Expect

Feel free to tour the Session House during the open hours and gain an understanding of how governance on this island works.

Visitors to the Session House should be able to easily spot it, as it looks very similar to a scaled down version of the famous Session House in London, with a New World Twist.

Staying Close

Sessions House is located in downtown Hamilton, so guests staying in this region of Bermuda will have the benefit of convenient access to the historical site during their time there. There are numerous lodgings close to this historical site.

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Operating Hours

The Session House is open to the public on Mondays only.


Show up at this destination prepared to give over the total cost of admission, which your party can figure out by calling ahead of time.

Contact Information

Phone Number: (441) 292-7408 Or (441) 292-1350

Location: 21 Parliament Street, Hamilton, Bermuda