Bermuda Historical Society Museum

A quirky little history museum, the building itself is a speck of Bermuda history, designed by the first postmaster of the town, famous for his eccentricities. It shares a building with the library.

Location and What's Nearby

This museum is situated near the middle of downtown Hamilton,

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One cannot discuss the history of Bermuda without making mention of the men who sailed the seas surrounding the island. At the Bermuda Historical Society Museum, guests will find displays of ceramics imported by early sea captains, artifacts that once belonged to Sir George Somers who was stranded in Bermuda's reefs in his ship the Sea Venture in 1609, and more. Also on display is a collection of Bermuda coins, old cedar furniture, and antique silver.

Staying Close

Bermuda Historical Society Museum is located in downtown Hamilton, which means those staying in this region of Bermuda will be pleased to have convenient access to the museum throughout their trip. There are many lodgings within range of the museum.

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Operating Hours

The daily schedule for the museum is not readily available, meaning that your smartest option is calling beforehand to make certain the site will be up and running during the time you want to visit.


Admission is free.

Contact Information

Phone Number: (441) 295-2487

Location: 13 Queen Street, Downtown Hamilton, Bermuda