Casinos in Bermuda

Casino gambling is not permitted in Bermuda

Bermuda Casinos

Although many vacationers look forward to it when they plan a trip to the Caribbean, casino gambling it not a permitted pastime in Bermuda. Despite many attempts to legalize casinos on the island, even as recently as early 2010, support against having casinos seems to be stronger than support for them.

Casino-style gambling machines were once popular at many bars and restaurants in Bermuda, but were outlawed in 2004. This does not mean, however, that gambling does not exist on the island. Though it is frowned upon, sports gambling is legal, and it is estimated that during the United States NFL season over $350 thousand in bets are placed.

Proposals to bring casinos to the island come about every few years, with supporters citing the increased revenue from tourists who enjoy the pasttime. The idea has always been shot down on the grounds of corruption and morality, until September of 2013 when one exception was made.  The Bermuda House Assembly passed the "Cruise Ship (Casino) Act 2013," allowing cruise ships who would dock in Bermuda for at least one night to kep their casinos open between 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m.  Although no local residents or other tourists are allowed to board the ships, the concession was made in order to remain competative in the cruise industry since on-board casinos are so popular. 

...plenty of other activities...


While casino gambling may not be an option on land, there are plenty of other activities that guests can partake in while in Bermuda.  Watersports such as snorkeling and diving offer thrills in a different realm, while dancing the night away with a drink in hand at a local nightclub might provide the same sense of excitement that visiting a casino evokes. 

If you yearn for the thrill of rolling the dice, Bermuda may not be for you, but most likely you won't even notice that the casinos are missing from the beautiful landscape. Because the casino debate has been on-going for years, it highly possible that in the years to come the law against them will change. For now, however, vacationers will have to find thrill and excitement elsewhere on the island, a task that isn't hard to do.