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West Whale Bay

Travelers who prize seaside views in a secluded setting should consider visiting West Whale Bay.

Pink sands and calm, shallow waters characterize West Whale Bay Beach. The beach is rather small but whale watchers gravitate to its shores in search of whales migrating in the waters. The hills behind the shore are grassy and perfect for a picnic with adequate facilities for guests. Make sure to go at low tide for pink sands because at high tide the water covers the entire beach.

Although Bermuda offers beaches that are more secluded than West Whale Bay the mix of natural beauty, personality and atmosphere offered by this location could be what you are looking for.

You may find that beaches throughout Bermuda tend to be somewhat quiet , but you'll find something a little different at West Whale Bay . Of course, this spot isn't one many would call metropolitan it isn't families and groups of friends that decide to check out this beach can make the most of their travel without missing an opportunity to meet new people.

Travelers in search of beauty and scenery can find them on the beaches of Bermuda , which helps make them popular vacation spots . Despite the fact that many of these beaches attract a large number of travelers , some are less popular than others . The nature of each beach is different , and the personality of West Whale Bay is perfect for some travelers.


You can spread your beach towels at this sunny spot on Bermuda's southwestern coast ; it is located near the Pompano Beach Club , just next door . West Whale Bay is close to Somerset Village , so a trip into town is a definite option.

Nearby Hotels

The number of other vacationers sharing the beach can vary widely -- it depends on when you visit. You can expect to see vacationers who are staying close by. There are a large number of hotels near this beach. Those who would like to stay in the vicinity of this beach shouldn't have much difficulty.

The following table provides additional hotel options near this beach.

Nearest Hotels to West Whale Bay Hotel Name Distance No. of
Rooms Pompano Beach Club 0.1 mi. 60 Munro Beach Cottages 0.2 mi. 17 Reefs 1.9 mi. 61 Cambridge Beaches Bermuda 2.4 mi. 94 Fairmont Southampton 2.7 mi. 593 Sandpiper Guest Apartments 4.1 mi. 14 Granaway Guest House & Cottages 4.2 mi. 6

Amenities and Ambience

Go to West Whale Bay Beach in the spring for a chance to see whales traversing the waters on their way north for the summer. Humpback whales usually glide through the waters in April and are a sight to see from this pristine beach. Locals also say that West Whale Bay Beach is the best location for offshore fishing. Because of its location facing west, this beach is also perfect for watching the glow of Caribbean sunsets.

Who you share these sands with will depend on the time of year, time of day, and many other factors. A few of Bermuda's beaches may hardly ever be crowded, while others are frequently crowded especially when tourism season is as its peak. An important element to consider when planning a day at the beach may be the size of the crowd you'll encounter. While some prefer a crowded beach filled with people and activity, others enjoy a quieter beach atmosphere.

Like so many places in Bermuda this beach has a distinctive quality which some visitors will find just perfect. The appealing qualities of this beach are rather different from what you'll experience at other beach locations in Bermuda. This small beach can easily get crowded especially in the spring with whale watchers, fishermen, and swimmers enjoying the surf. Tourists and locals both enjoy what this beach has to offer.


Visiting the seaside can be a wonderful way to get close to some of nature's most beautiful works, but there are also other natural sites and attractions worth visiting. Gilbert Nature Reserve, located 2.0 miles to the north of West Whale Bay, for example, offers a great addition to your day at the seaside.

If you're interested in finding out more about the history of Bermuda there are nearby opportunities. For example Fort Scaur is located 1.2 miles to the north of West Whale Bay.

Beaches are great attractions, but there's more to visit in Bermuda. The following chart includes some other attractions close to this beach.

Attractions Near West Whale Bay Attraction Name Distance Direction Type Fort Scaur 1.2 mi. N Historical Site St. James Anglican Church 1.4 mi. N Church Gilbert Nature Reserve 2.0 mi. N Natural Attraction Gibbs Hill Lighthouse 2.6 mi. E Historical Site Christ Church 4.3 mi. NE Church Dolphin Quest Bermuda 4.8 mi. N Tourism Oriented Business Bermuda Maritime Museum 4.8 mi. N Museum Dockyard Glassworks & Bermuda Rum Cake Company 4.8 mi. N Shopping Royal Naval Dock Yard 4.8 mi. N Watersport Admiralty House Park 4.9 mi. NE Historical Site


If you're on the beach and you start feeling a bit hungry, not to worry , you'll have your pick of nearby fine dining.

Restaurants closest to this beach are provided in the following table.

Restaurants Near West Whale Bay Restaurant Name Cuisine Type Meals Served Distance Direction The Sea Grape Pan Asian / Pacific Rim lunch & dinner 1.9 mi. E Coconuts International lunch & dinner 1.9 mi. E Freeport Gardens Caribbean lunch & dinner 2.0 mi. N Il Palio Italian dinner 2.0 mi. N.A. Tamarisk Dining Room International lunch & dinner 2.5 mi. N Somerset Country Squire Pub & Restaurant British lunch & dinner 2.5 mi. N Lighthouse Tea Room British breakfast & lunch 2.5 mi. E Ocean Echo Southwestern varies 2.5 mi. E

There are several types of dining experiences to be enjoyed in Bermuda , but eating at the beach can be especially fun . Many hotels will be happy to pack a picnic lunch for their guests , or you can pick up some food en route to the beach.

Other Beaches

You'll find multiple beaches in Bermuda , so West Whale Bay is not your only option. You might also enjoy Achilles Bay , located 13.9 miles to the northeast . Overall, the beach at Achilles Bay is a nice seaside location, but one of the major setbacks is that it can't be reached by bus.

But, if you're interested in a more active beach , you might like Church Bay . It is located 1.8 miles to the southeast.

Another location you may want to try is Somerset Long Bay , located 2.5 miles from West Whale Bay. Considered rather long for Bermuda, Somerset Long Bay is a stretch of land a quarter of a mile long covered in sandy beaches and usually not very crowded. Locals make up most of the rather small crowd, making it a perfect opportunity to converse with Bermuda's residents. The waters can get rough so stay close to the shore where the bay provides a shallow and calm area for swimming although the bottom is a bit rocky.

You might find that West Whale Bay is not your favorite , but Bermuda is full of beach options for travelers. Even if this beach isn't perfect for you, you're sure to find something to enjoy.