Tobacco Bay Beach

Tobacco Bay beach, one of the most popular on the island, offers a great experience for all ages. The calm, shallow waters of the bay make for excellent snorkeling and swimming, while fascinating limestone rock formations provide privacy. Local resorts and cruises make this spot quite popular.

Situated near the heart of St. George's Island, Tobacco Bay Beach is on the North East edge of the island, and happily welcomes local residents and vacationers lodging in this area and nearby locations. Regardless of whether you are staying particularly close, you should consider dropping by to enjoy a great time. From the beach, St. George is a half mile (three quarters of a kilometer) to the south. At Tobacco Bay Beach, the shore has a private, secluded quality, yet it's not far from some of the town's major hot spots.

How to Access The Beach

Tobacco Bay beach is accessible from Barry Road by foot, car, and minibus. The main bus stop is about 10 minutes from the beach and only costs $2(USD) per person.

Amenities and Ambiance

Tobacco Bay is is a small north-shore beach location on the northern end of the island. The dramatic limestone rock formations grant beachgoers privacy, as well as provide a haven for all kinds of sea life. Soft, tan sand and tropical vegetation add to the ambiance.

If you're suddenly hungry or thirsty, the concession stand at Tobacco Bay Beach is the ultimate convenience. On some days, it may be possible to buy some food from one of the mobile vendors who typically set up at this spot.

Yes, there are public restrooms at Tobacco Bay Beach. Shower facilities are available here, so you can clean up before leaving. The water here is clear enough for snorkeling, so grab your equipment if you've been hoping to get in some underwater exploration. If you donAAAt want to be caught up in the crowds, then plan your vacation either before or after the high tourist season, because during this time, Tobacco Bay Beach can get very crowded. These shores also see a lot of action when there are cruise ships calling to port and the passengers come ashore to do a little exploration.

Be mindful that Tobacco Bay Beach is in an area which is an urban area, which means you may find numerous people competing for the use of the same services.

What's Nearby


Tobacco Bay Beach is always a lovely side-trip when you're in the area. Look for it on the North East coast of St. George's Island; this area boasts other attractions such as St. George's Golf Club, which is a quarter mile to the southeast.

If you're interested in mixing a cultural experience with your visit to the beach, you should plan a trip to St. George's Historical Society Museum. This museum is located a half mile to the south, giving you a chance to see, and learn about, even more of the area.

A selection of nearby activities will ensure that you never run out of things to do. The following table contains a list of the closest attractions.

Activities and Attractions Near Tobacco Bay Beach Attraction Type Distance Direction Island St. George's Golf Club Golf Course 0.2 mi. SE St. George's Island Fort St. Catherine Historical Site 0.3 mi. NE St. David's Island Unfinished Church Historical Site 0.3 mi. SSE St. David's Island Old Rectory Historical Site 0.4 mi. S St. David's Island St. George's Historical Society Museum Museum 0.4 mi. S St. David's Island St. Peter's Church Historical Site 0.5 mi. S St. David's Island Bermuda Heritage Museum Museum 0.5 mi. SSE St. David's Island Bermuda National Trust Museum Museum 0.5 mi. S St. David's Island Old State House Historical Site 0.5 mi. SSE St. David's Island Stocks & Pillory And Ducking Stool Historical Site 0.5 mi. S St. David's Island Vera P. Card Art Gallery 0.5 mi. S St. David's Island Tucker House Museum Museum 0.5 mi. SW St. George's Island

Cities and Towns

Tobacco Bay Beach visitors looking for other opportunities for exploration should consider making the trip to St. George, which is in the vicinity and is a particularly busy area of Bermuda. From the beach, St. George is a fairly short distance away, roughly a half mile (three quarters of a kilometer).


Whether or not you encounter a lot of other visitors will depend on many factors, including the capacity of nearby hotels. There are not many major hotels nearby, but it's sometimes enjoyed by visitors staying at some of the area's smaller options.

Visitors trying to find a place to stay not far from the beach should find themselves in luck, as there are plenty of hotels and resorts to pick from in the immediate vicinity. Find the closest, most convenient hotel booking options by looking over those listed in the table that follows.

Accommodations near Tobacco Bay Beach Hotel Distance Direction Island Type Aunt Neas Inn At Hillcrest 0.4 mi. S St. David's Island Hotel Grotto Bay Beach Resort 3.1 mi. SW St. David's Island Resort Rosewood Tucker's Point 3.6 mi. SSW None Resort The Mid Ocean Club 4.0 mi. S None Resort Angel's Grotto 4.8 mi. SSW Bermuda Hotel Pink Beach Club 4.9 mi. SSW Bermuda Resort Palmetto Garden Condominiums 5.6 mi. SW Bermuda Hotel Que Sera 8.5 mi. SW Bermuda Guest house Mazarine by the Sea 8.5 mi. SW Bermuda Guest house Little Pomander Guest House 8.6 mi. SW Bermuda Guest house


If someone in your group starts to get a little hungry at the beach, it's alright because you'll have a variety of choices within a few miles. One of the nearest restaurants is Buzz on the Beach. This restaurant serves delicious American cuisine. They're perhaps most famous, though, for their hamburgers and sandwiches. You can find it less than a quarter mile away.

Restaurants closest to this beach are provided in the following table.

Restaurants near Tobacco Bay Beach Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Distance Direction Island Buzz on the Beach (441) 295-2009 American 0.0 mi. E St. David's Island Temptations (441) 297-1368 American 0.5 mi. S St. David's Island The George & Dragon (441) 297-1717 International 0.5 mi. S St. David's Island White Horse Pub (441) 297-1838 Caribbean 0.5 mi. S St. David's Island Griffin's Bistro (441) 297-1200 ext 331 Continental 0.5 mi. S St. David's Island Cafe Gio -- -- 0.5 mi. S St. David's Island Tavern by the Sea (441) 297-3305 International 0.5 mi. S St. David's Island Cafe Boulevard (441) 293-1321 -- 1.7 mi. S St. George's Island Blackhorse Tavern (441) 297-1991 Caribbean, International 1.9 mi. SE St. David's Island Tony's Fine Foods (441) 293-3354 -- 3.4 mi. SW Bermuda Bailey's Bay Ice Cream Parlour (441) 293-8605 International 3.4 mi. SW Bermuda Tom Moore's Tavern (441) 293-8020 Caribbean, Continental 3.4 mi. SW St. David's Island

Other Beaches

Of course, there are more fantastic beaches besides Tobacco Bay Beach in St. George's Island.

Another sun-drenched spot to consider is St. Catherine's Beach, another great Bermuda beach site. St. Catherines's Beach, formerly known as Club Med Beach is one of Bermuda's little pieces of paradise. This oceanfront location is public, so anyone can visit.

Bermuda has so much to offer, so visiting Tobacco Bay Beach is just one way you can enjoy a sunny afternoon.