Bermuda Beaches: Stonehole Bay

Stonehole Bay

You'll find there are some advantages to visiting a beach that isn't lined with high rise hotels , like having a bit more space to spread out and Stonehole Bay fits the bill nicely.

With a sandy shoreline scattered with large rocks, Stonehole Bay is never very crowded. The shore literally disappears at high tide, so plan accordingly before heading out. The waters are rough sometimes, but near the shore it is safe to swim in the shallow bay. Rip tides and cloudy waters out near the coral make this spot a difficult and dangerous place to snorkel.

While some of the beaches in Bermuda are more secluded than Stonehole Bay the natural setting, personality and other attributes provided by this location could be just what the doctor ordered.

Some may feel that beaches throughout Bermuda tend to be somewhat quiet , but Stonehole Bay stands out as a pleasant exception to this rule . Though few would call this spot urbanized it isn't those planning to visit with families or groups of friends can enjoy a relaxing stay without missing the chance to people watch.

The beaches of Bermuda are known for their natural beauty , making them a popular destination for travelers . Although travelers often frequent these beaches , some are less popular than others . The nature of each beach is different , and it's easy for many vacationers to enjoy everything Stonehole Bay has to offer.


This beach can be found on Bermuda's southern coast ; it is located near the Sandpiper Guest Apartments, 0.7 miles away . Stonehole Bay is close to Hamilton , so a trip into town is a definite option.

Nearby Hotels

Whether you are nearly alone or joining other beachgoers will be influenced by the time of day as well as the season. You can generally expect to see hotel guests staying close by. You'll find 12 hotels nearby. So if you want to stay in this vicinity you have some viable options to consider.

The following table provides additional hotel options near this beach.

Nearest Hotels to Stonehole Bay Hotel NameDistanceNo. of
Rooms Sandpiper Guest Apartments 0.7 mi. 14 Ariel Sands 0.9 mi. 46 Fairmont Southampton 1.1 mi. 593 Astwood Cove 1.1 mi. 14 Surf Side Beach Club 1.4 mi. 38 Granaway Guest House & Cottages 1.4 mi. 6 Coco Reef Resort Bermuda 1.7 mi. 62

Amenities and Ambience

This beach is often a secluded haven that hardly gets crowded. Wading is safe in the shallow waters, yet the tides can get rough and dangerous as you move deeper into the sea. Restrooms and picnic facilities can be found in the park, and in the summer, vendors sell snacks and drinks out of their vans.

The amount of people on the beach depends on a few things, including the season and time of day. Some of Bermuda's beaches are more crowded than others particularly when the season is at its peak. When considering a day at the beach, an important thing to keep in mind might be, at least for some vacationers, the crowds you'll meet. While some like a crowded beach with plenty of people and activity, some would rather relax in a peaceful spot by themselves.

Like many other aspects of Bermuda this beach has its own personality which will be more appealing to some than to others. The appealing qualities of this beach are a little different from most other locations in Bermuda. Usually devoid of many people, Stonehole Bay's charm is its seclusion. Both locals and tourists come to enjoy its shores but not in abundance.


The beach is also conveniently close to some visit-worthy natural attractions, like Tarpon Hole which you'll find 2.3 miles to the northeast of Stonehole Bay.

Historical attractions like Gates Fort offer a great complement to the sands of Stonehole Bay, giving vacationers the chance to learn more about Bermuda without straying to far from the beach.

With so many nearby activities you'll never run out of things to do. The attractions nearest to this beach are listed in the following table.

Attractions Near Stonehole Bay Attraction NameDistanceDirectionType Gibbs Hill Lighthouse 1.2 mi. SW Historical Site Christ Church 1.2 mi. N Church Tarpon Hole 2.3 mi. NE Natural Attraction Bird Cage 2.6 mi. N Historical Site Bermuda Historical Society Museum 2.7 mi. N Museum Cabinet Building & Cenotaph 2.8 mi. N Historical Site Bermuda National Gallery 2.8 mi. N Museum Session House 2.8 mi. N Historical Site Victoria Park 2.9 mi. N Paget Marsh 2.9 mi. NE Natural Attraction


If you become famished during your afternoon of fun in the sun , this beach has you covered without sending you far from these sands.

Some nearby eateries are included in the following table.

Restaurants Near Stonehole Bay Restaurant NameCuisine TypeMeals ServedDistanceDirection Tio Pepe Restaurant Italian lunch & dinner 0.8 mi. SW Wickets Brasserie & Cricket Club International breakfast, lunch, dinner 1.1 mi. SW Rib Room Steak dinner 1.1 mi. SW The Newport Room French dinner 1.1 mi. SW Whaler Inn Seafood lunch & dinner 1.1 mi. SW Henry VIII British lunch & dinner 1.2 mi. SW Pawpaws Restaurant & Bar French lunch & dinner 1.3 mi. NE Lighthouse Tea Room British breakfast & lunch 1.3 mi. SW

Bermuda offers plenty of dining choices , but not all meal have to be eaten inside . Many visitors enjoy having a meal right at the beach . Hence, you might want to have your hotel pack a picnic lunch for you , or you can find picnic supplies en route to the beach.

You will also have the option of obtaining your lunch from one of the vendors who can typically be found at the beach.

Other Beaches

Those in search of the perfect beach will encounter more options than just Stonehole Bay in Bermuda. You might also enjoy a visit to Achilles Bay ; it's found 11.6 miles to the northeast . Overall, the beach at Achilles Bay is a nice seaside location, but one of the major setbacks is that it can't be reached by bus.

But, if you're interested in a more active beach , you might like Chaplin Bay. You'll find it 0.1 miles to the southwest.

You may also want to consider Warwick Long Bay , located 0.3 miles from Stonehole Bay. Warwick Long Bay is the perfect island escape for travelers seeking peace and quiet. Set in a pristine natural environment with calm, clear waters and an exquisite coral reef, the area is perfect for exploring and relaxing. There aren't any facilities other than bathrooms, however, so visitors will want to bring all the essentials, including food and drinks.

You'll find plenty to see and do in Bermuda , and Stonehole Bay is just one of the many options.