Shelly Bay

Shelly Bay offers a beach shaded by tropical trees and minor hills. The area contains scattered rock formations, which allow for greater privacy, and is situated among private villas. The beach itself is comprised of soft, white sand, which converges with clear, shallow waters to make the ultimate swimming experiences for all ages.

Positioned near the heart of Hamilton Parish, 1.6 miles South West of Henrys Hill, Shelly Bay is on the North East coast of Bermuda, and welcomes local customers and vacationers who are rooming in this part of Bermuda. Whether or not you're staying very close, you should consider stopping by to check out the sights. It's 3.8 miles North East of Hamilton. Shelly Bay is one beach which rarely gets too crowded, but it's still a popular and generally active spot.

How to Access The Beach

The area features a car park area directly off of North Shore Road, accommodating drivers, while bus routes #10 and #11 drive by the area. Otherwise, the area is an ideal for bikers and scooters leaving from Flatt's Village in the south.

Amenities and Ambiance

Shelly Bay provides calm waters thanks to its tucked away location. The ocean floor, like the beach itself is soft and sandy, and the waters are warm and clear. Swimmers can also enjoy small tidal ponds and mangroves for shade, which is very uncommon for beaches on Bermuda.

If you're suddenly hungry or thirsty, the concession stand at Shelly Bay is the ultimate convenience. Depending on the season and time of day, you may also be able to try local specialties from one of the mobile vendors who typically set up on this shoreline.

Yes, there are public restrooms at Shelly Bay. The water in the area is fit for snorkeling, so grab your equipment if you're looking to see some exciting marine life. picnicing families; young beachgoers flock to these sands during school holidays and during the weekend; sometimes the traffic and noise from the nearby busy Shore Road; kids and nature lovers (bird watchers); well known to beach buffs, but large crowds are rare

The crowd at this shore will vary according to several things, like the time of year and day of the week. While some coastlines along Bermuda are unusually calm, others will be bustling with visitors every day, especially when tourism season is as its peak. So, arriving early is the only way to ensure you can take full advantage of the offered amenities. Be mindful that Shelly Bay is in an area which is occasionally a little crowded, so there is not a guarantee every facility will always be available.

What's Nearby


Shelly Bay is on the North East coast of Bermuda; it's located near attractions like Shelly Bay Park, which is in a location you can walk to.

Historical attractions such as Ferry Island Fort provide a great compliment to the natural beauty of Shelly Bay, and they give vacationers the chance to learn more about Bermuda, without having to venture too far from the coast. Actually, this shoreline is two and a half miles to the north east of this site of historical interest.

Being able to choose from some activities besides the beach will ensure you won't get bored. The following table contains a list of the closest attractions.

Activities and Attractions Near Shelly Bay Attraction Type Distance Direction Island Shelly Bay Park Park 0.1 N Bermuda Bermuda Railway Museum Museum 0.6 SSW Bermuda Abbott's Cliff National Park Park 1.0 NE Bermuda Verdmont Museum 1.6 S Bermuda Devil's Hole Aquarium Aquarium 1.6 SE Bermuda Spittal Pond Nature Reserve Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 1.7 SSE Bermuda Winter Haven And Summer Haven National Reserve Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 1.8 SE Bermuda Watch Hill Park Park 1.8 SE Bermuda Crystal Caves Cave 1.9 NE Bermuda Wilkinson Memorial Park Park 1.9 NE Bermuda Blue Hole Hill Park Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 1.9 NE St. David's Island Ducks Puddle Park And Annex Park 2.0 NE St. David's Island

Cities and Towns

Shelly Bay visitors seeking a little additional excitement might want to consider making the trip to Hamilton, since it's nearby and is a particularly bustling part of Bermuda. From the coast, Hamilton is a quick trip away, maybe four miles (six kilometers).


The popularity of this spot on any given day can vary, it depends mainly on when you visit, and how full the nearby hotels are. You can generally expect to share the sand with more than a few vacationers who are staying in the area.

This area is a hotel hot spot, so if you're looking for a place to stay in this neighborhood, you won't have trouble finding a spot. Discover which accommodations are closest to shore by studying the list below.

Accommodations near Shelly Bay Hotel Distance Direction Island Type Palmetto Hotel 0.8 S Bermuda Hotel Angel's Grotto 1.5 ESE Bermuda Hotel Pink Beach Club 1.9 ESE Bermuda Resort Grotto Bay Beach Resort 2.1 NE St. David's Island Resort Rosewood Tucker's Point 2.3 E None Resort The Mid Ocean Club 2.8 E None Resort Mazarine by the Sea 3.4 SW Bermuda Hotel The Hamiltonian Hotel & Island Club 3.5 SW Bermuda Hotel Erith Guest House 3.5 SW Bermuda Hotel Windsong 3.9 SW Bermuda Hotel


If you need to grab a bite to eat around midday, the area around this beach has plenty to offer, and you don't have to go far away. Indigo is one of the closest eateries. Some guests will choose to take a cab here, while others will want to walk since it's just a little ways away.

Nearby restaurant options are listed in the following table.

Restaurants near the Shelly Bay Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Distance Direction Island Indigo -- -- 0.8 mi. S Bermuda Rustico (441) 295-5212 American 0.8 mi. S Bermuda Tony's Fine Foods (441) 293-3354 -- 1.8 mi. NE Bermuda Bailey's Bay Ice Cream Parlour (441) 293-8605 -- 1.8 mi. NE Bermuda North Rock Brewing Company (441) 236-6633 International 1.9 mi. S Bermuda Tom Moore's Tavern (441) 293-8020 Caribbean, Continental 2.0 mi. ENE St. David's Island The Point Restaurant (441) 298-4000 Eclectic 2.3 mi. E None Harbourfront (441) 295-4207 Italian 3.4 mi. SW Bermuda Zaki's Bakery (441) 292-8250 -- 3.5 mi. SW Bermuda House of India (441) 295-6450 Indian 3.6 mi. SW Bermuda Greg's Steakhouse (441) 297-2333 Steak house 3.6 mi. SW Bermuda Rosa's Cantina (441) 295-1912 Mexican, Tex-Mex 3.7 mi. SW Bermuda

Other Beaches

Of course, you'll find plenty of other beaches in Bermuda, so Shelly Bay is not your only option.

Another location you may want to try is Bailey's Bay, located within a couple of miles.

Bermuda has plenty to offer its visitors, and dropping by Shelly Bay is just one way to appreciate a pretty afternoon.