Bermuda Beaches: Elbow Beach

Elbow Beach

Visitors who are looking for a quiet stretch of sand in a natural setting may want to venture a little off the beaten path to Elbow Beach.

Elbow Beach, located south of Hamilton, stretches for nearly a mile and is bordered by hotels. The pink sands lead down to calm, reef-protected water.

Although Bermuda has beaches that are more secluded than Elbow Beach the natural setting and other special features offered at this location could be just what the doctor ordered.

Peace and quiet is just one offering you'll find at many of Bermuda's beaches , and you'll find a bit of that style of travel at Elbow Beach though you'll never be too far away, either . With cities nearby but not too close you won't lack for anything.

Travelers in search of beauty and scenery can find them on the beaches of Bermuda , which helps make them popular vacation spots . Despite the fact that many of these beaches attract a large number of travelers , you may find that some have less of a draw than others . The nature of each beach is different , and the personality of Elbow Beach is perfect for some travelers.


You can stroll this sunny beach on the southern coast of Bermuda ; it is located near the Elbow Beach Club Resort, 0.1 miles away . Elbow Beach is near Hamilton , so you can explore the town after your visit to the beach.

Nearby Hotels

The number of other people sharing the beach can vary widely , depending on the time of day and season of the year. You can expect to encounter a fair number of travelers who are staying nearby. You'll find 9 hotels near this beach. So if you're interested in staying in this vicinity you shouldn't have much difficulty.

Additional hotels are listed in the following table.

Nearest Hotels to Elbow Beach Hotel NameDistanceNo. of
Rooms Elbow Beach Club Resort 0.1 mi. 235 Harmony Club 0.3 mi. 68 Horizons & Cottages 0.3 mi. 22 Coco Reef Resort Bermuda 0.6 mi. 62 Fourways Inn & Cottage Colony 0.7 mi. 16 Surf Side Beach Club 0.8 mi. 38 Dawkins Manor 0.9 mi. 8

Amenities and Ambience

Swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and paddle boating are popular in the calm waters off of Elbow Beach and equipment rentals are available. Body surfing is also a popular past time on this beach. A lunch wagon sells food and drinks to visitors.

The number of people on the beach is affected by the time of day, season, and other factors. Some of Bermuda's beaches may rarely be crowded, while others are often crowded particularly when tourism season is as its peak. When planning a beach outing a key factor to consider can be, for some beach goers, the possibility of crowds. While some prefer a crowded beach filled with people and activity, some prefer to just hear the sounds of the surf.

Like so many places in Bermuda this beach has a distinctive personality which some visitors will find just perfect. The appealing qualities of this beach are a bit different from many of the other beaches in Bermuda. Elbow Beach is a popular spot in Bermuda and tends to get very crowded in Spring and Summer. If you're seeking a lively, social beach, you've probably found the perfect match.


If you're like most vacationers, you want to see a lot of great sights during your trip-- and also relax. Going to the beach can help you relax, but natural attractions, like Tarpon Hole (located 0.2 miles to the of Elbow Beach) can be a wonderful addition to your tropical vacation.

If you want to discover more interesting facts about the history of Bermuda you'll find some opportunities close by. For instance, Cabinet Building & Cenotaph is located 1.2 miles to the northwest of Elbow Beach.

Beaches are a great attraction to visit, but there's even more to see during your stay.. The ensuing table is comprised of other attractions that are close to this beach.

Attractions Near Elbow Beach Attraction NameDistanceDirectionType Tarpon Hole 0.2 mi. N.A. Natural Attraction Paget Marsh 0.8 mi. N Natural Attraction Waterville 1.2 mi. NW Museum Cabinet Building & Cenotaph 1.2 mi. NW Historical Site Bird Cage 1.3 mi. NW Historical Site Christ Church 1.3 mi. SW Church Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity 1.3 mi. NW Church Fort Hamilton 1.3 mi. NW Historical Site Session House 1.3 mi. NW Historical Site Victoria Park 1.4 mi. NW


If you get hungry for an afternoon snack , this beach has several dining options without sending you far from these sands.

Restaurants closest to this beach are included in the following table.

Restaurants Near Elbow Beach Restaurant NameCuisine TypeMeals ServedDistanceDirection Seahorse Grill Contemporary lunch & dinner 0.1 mi. NW Cafe Lido Mediterranean lunch & dinner 0.1 mi. NW Paraquet Restaurant Caribbean breakfast, lunch, dinner 0.1 mi. NW Horizons American breakfast, lunch, dinner 0.3 mi. NW Fourways Inn American varies 0.7 mi. W Palms Mediterranean breakfast, lunch, dinner 0.8 mi. SW Pawpaws Restaurant & Bar French lunch & dinner 1.0 mi. SW The Beach British lunch & dinner 1.2 mi. NW

Every location in the world has its very own culinary style, and Bermuda is no different . A wonderful place to enjoy local fare is directly on the beach . Many hotels will prepare a picnic lunch for you , or you can pick up food from local vendors en route to the beach.

Visitors may enjoy the snack bar at this beach. You may also want to consider obtaining your lunch from one of the local vendors who set up shop at the beach.

Other Beaches

Those searching for the perfect beach can find plenty of other choices in Bermuda besides Elbow Beach. Travelers who like this beach might also enjoy Achilles Bay ; it's situated 9.4 miles to the northeast . Overall, the beach at Achilles Bay is a nice seaside location, but one of the major setbacks is that it can't be reached by bus.

But, if you're interested in a more active beach , Grape Bay Beach may be just what you're looking for. It's found 1.1 miles to the northeast.

You may also enjoy Astwood Cove , which you'll find 1.2 miles from Elbow Beach. Enjoy a private and exclusive setting at Astwood Cove, a lesser known, rocky cove with pristine sands and choppy waters. Perfect for picnicking, hiking, and snorkeling, this beach does not attract many visitors, allowing for a secluded and private setting on the south shore of Bermuda.

There's plenty for vacationers to enjoy in Bermuda , including a visit to Elbow Beach and more.