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Chaplin Bay

Visitors will discover there are plenty of advantages to visiting a beach that isn't surrounded by thousands of hotel rooms , like having a quiet stretch of sand to enjoy for yourself and Chaplin Bay offers just those advantages.

Chaplin Bay, to the east of Horseshoe Bay, remains small and secluded. The beach completely disappers during storms and high tides, so make sure to check before going. The waters are a little rough but still safe for swimming close to the shore. Remember to bring your camera for pictures of an unusual coral wall that stretches above the waters and across the beach, essentially splitting the beach in two.

While Chaplin Bay is not the most secluded beach in Bermuda the natural beauty, personality and other qualities provided by this location might be just right for you.

Peace and quiet is just one offering you'll find at many of Bermuda's beaches , and, of course, Chaplin Bay can provide without taking you too far away . Cities are close without being too close you won't lack for anything.

The beaches of Bermuda are known for their natural beauty , making them a popular destination for travelers . And, while many travelers visit these beautiful spots , you may find that some have less of a draw than others . Each beach has its own personality , and some will find that Chaplin Bay's nature suits them just right.


You'll find this beach on the southern coast of Bermuda . It is located 0.7 miles from the Sandpiper Guest Apartments . Chaplin Bay is close to Hamilton , so you can explore the town after your visit to the beach.

Nearby Hotels

Whether or not you encounter many other people will be influenced by the time of day as well as the season. You can expect to share the beach with vacationers who are staying close by. There are a moderate number of hotels located near this beach. Those hoping to stay close to this beach shouldn't have much difficulty.

The following table includes a list of nearby hotels.

Nearest Hotels to Chaplin Bay Hotel Name Distance No. of
Rooms Sandpiper Guest Apartments 0.7 mi. 14 Ariel Sands 1.0 mi. 46 Fairmont Southampton 1.0 mi. 593 Astwood Cove 1.2 mi. 14 Granaway Guest House & Cottages 1.4 mi. 6 Surf Side Beach Club 1.5 mi. 38 Coco Reef Resort Bermuda 1.8 mi. 62

Amenities and Ambience

The beach is marked by its large coral wall that extends above the water and into the beach, providing a perfect shot for your camera. A trail from this small beach leads to the nearby South Shore Park, where guests can use picnic tables and restrooms.

How crowded the beach is depends on a few things, including the season and time of day. A few of Bermuda's beaches may hardly ever be crowded, while others are frequently crowded particularly when the season is at its peak. When considering a day at the beach, an important thing to keep in mind can be, for some beach goers, the possibility of crowds. While some prefer a crowded beach filled with people and activity, many would prefer to just relax in a quiet area.

Like everything else about Bermuda this beach has its own personality which will attract certain visitors. The appealing qualities of this beach are a little different from what you'll discover at the other beaches in Bermuda. Usually Chaplin Bay has a sparse amount of people on its shores. Many guests come to look at the coral wall and then go back to South Shore Park or the neighboring Horseshoe Bay Beach at high tide.


The beach is also close to a few worthwhile natural attractions, including Tarpon Hole which you will find 2.4 miles to the northeast of Chaplin Bay.

If you want more information on the history of Bermuda you'll find close by opportunities. For instance, Gibbs Hill Lighthouse is located 1.1 miles to the southwest of Chaplin Bay.

Beaches are great attractions, but there's more to visit in Bermuda. The ensuing table is comprised of other attractions that are close to this beach.

Attractions Near Chaplin Bay Attraction Name Distance Direction Type Gibbs Hill Lighthouse 1.1 mi. SW Historical Site Christ Church 1.3 mi. NE Church Tarpon Hole 2.4 mi. NE Natural Attraction Bird Cage 2.7 mi. N Historical Site Bermuda Historical Society Museum 2.8 mi. N Museum Session House 2.9 mi. N Historical Site Cabinet Building & Cenotaph 2.9 mi. N Historical Site Bermuda National Gallery 2.9 mi. N Museum Victoria Park 3.0 mi. N Paget Marsh 3.0 mi. NE Natural Attraction


If you start getting hungry during your afternoon at the shore , this beach has you covered without making you go far away.

The following table provides a list of nearby eateries.

Restaurants Near Chaplin Bay Restaurant Name Cuisine Type Meals Served Distance Direction Tio Pepe Restaurant Italian lunch & dinner 0.7 mi. SW The Newport Room French dinner 1.0 mi. SW Whaler Inn Seafood lunch & dinner 1.0 mi. SW Wickets Brasserie & Cricket Club International breakfast, lunch, dinner 1.0 mi. SW Rib Room Steak dinner 1.0 mi. SW Henry VIII British lunch & dinner 1.1 mi. SW Lighthouse Tea Room British breakfast & lunch 1.2 mi. SW Ocean Echo Southwestern varies 1.4 mi. SW

There are an assortment of dining experiences that visitors can enjoy in Bermuda , but eating at the beach can be particularly fun . Many hotels will prepare a picnic lunch for you , or you can pick up some food en route to the beach.

Other Beaches

Of course, you'll find other beaches besides Chaplin Bay in Bermuda. You might also enjoy a visit to Achilles Bay ; it's situated 11.7 miles to the northeast . Overall, the beach at Achilles Bay is a nice seaside location, but one of the major setbacks is that it can't be reached by bus.

Still, if you're searching for something a little more active , you might find that Stonehole Bay is just right. It is located 0.1 miles to the northeast.

You may also enjoy Warwick Long Bay , which is located 0.4 miles away from Chaplin Bay. Warwick Long Bay is the perfect island escape for travelers seeking peace and quiet. Set in a pristine natural environment with calm, clear waters and an exquisite coral reef, the area is perfect for exploring and relaxing. There aren't any facilities other than bathrooms, however, so visitors will want to bring all the essentials, including food and drinks.

You'll find a great deal of variety in Bermuda , even if a visit to Chaplin Bay doesn't top your list.