The Beaches of Bermuda

Bermuda has an array of beaches on both its north and south coasts

Bermuda's shoreline

Bermuda is one of the leading beach-resort destinations in the world and is probably most known for its pink sand beaches, but the little island also features a number of sugar-sand beaches as well. Vacationers staying on Bermuda will have their choice of pristine coastal property on which to bask in the brilliant island sun.

About Bermuda Beaches

Bermuda's pink sand beaches look as if they have been dyed with iridescent paints, but the unique and vivid colors were created by the force of the ocean's powerful waves that crush sea invertebrates like coral, mollusks, clams, and other organisms with calcium carbonate shells and skeletons. Single-celled sea animals with dark red skeletons grow on coral reefs, and when they die, the organisms fall to the bottom of the ocean. The remains of the red-colored creatures mix with those of other sea animals such as clams, urchins, and sea snails. The pulverized shells mix with the sand giving it a pink tint. The soft rose color of Bermuda's beaches perfectly contrasts with the aquamarine ocean waters and sultry island sunsets, creating the ideal tropical atmosphere for an exotic vacation.

Because Bermuda isn't a part of the Caribbean – the island is located in the Atlantic Ocean – the temperatures of the waters surrounding the island drop considerably, sometimes dipping below 64 degrees, making them too cold for most swimmers. The ocean is colder during the winter months, but it usually warms up from May to August, when water temperatures can reach as high as 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Tourists visiting Bermuda in the summertime should be able to comfortably enjoy watersports or a swim in the warm salty waters.

Many of Bermuda's beaches are located on the property of large hotels and resorts and are only open to guests of the establishment. Because beaches are so bountiful on Bermuda, hotels can claim sections of the island's sandy shores as private property to be used only by their guests. This may sound exclusive to some travelers, but don't worry, Bermuda has plenty of public oceanfront property for you to visit during your trip, and if your hotel has a private beach, you can enjoy sunning on Bermuda's shores without all the crowds.

If you're looking for a clothing-optional experience, Bermuda is not the appropriate destination. There is absolutely no nudity permitted on these sandy shores, so don't forget your swimsuit. Another thing to consider when planning your trip to the beach is that most beaches are open from sunrise to sunset, and no one is permitted onto the beach before sunrise or after dark. This means no camping or sleeping on the beaches. Also, most of the larger beaches have lifeguards during the swim season, but some don't, so use caution in the water.

Dividing Beaches

Bermuda's beaches are separated by parishes: Devonshire, Hamilton, Paget, Pembroke, Sandy's, Smith, Southampton, St. George's, and Warrick. Most of Bermuda's beaches are found in the Southampton and St. George's parishes, and there are only private beaches in Paget Parish. All of Pembroke Parish beaches are open to the public.

Beaches on the North Shore

Beaches on the Northern shore are certainly not the most popular beaches on the island, but you'll still find plenty to enjoy. Particularly known for shallow shores and well-preserved nature, some can be a bit of trouble to find. Meanwhile others are a little more crowded and have activities. Find a full range of beaches on the island's northern shore.

Beaches on the South Shore

With their rose-colored sands and and coral bluffs blooming with fragrant summer flowers, the beaches on Bermuda's south coast are generally more picturesque than those on the northern shores. Although these beaches boast gorgeous landscaping, the waters off the coast tend to be a little more choppy than they are on the north coast, especially when southern winds are blowing. The rolling waves off the south shore are perfect for surfing and body surfing, which are popular watersports among locals and tourists.

The little island of Bermuda has a surprisingly large selection of beaches, many of which are powdery pink There are both public and private beaches on Bermuda, so you can mingle on crowded sandy hot spots, or sunbathe at more secluded coastal locations. If you're looking for something specific, or just a bit more information, visit the pages about individual Bermudian beaches below.

Beach Name Location Coast Island # Frick's Beach PRIVATE St. David's Island None St. David's Island # Pink Beach East PRIVATE 4.5 mi. South-Southwest of St. George None Bermuda # Pink Beach West PRIVATE 4.6 mi. South-Southwest of St. George None Bermuda Achilles Bay Beach St. George's Island North East St. George's Island Alexandras Beach St. David's Island North East St. David's Island Angle Beach Warwick Parish South West Bermuda Annie's Bay St. David's Island East St. David's Island Astwood Cove Warwick Parish South West Bermuda Bailey's Bay Henrys Hill North East Bermuda Black Bay Ireland Island South South West Ireland Island South Chaplin Bay Warwick Parish South West Bermuda Church Bay 3.7 mi. South-Southeast of Somerset Village South West Bermuda Clearwater Beach St. David's Island South East St. David's Island Elbow Beach Paget Parish South Bermuda Grape Bay Beach Paget Parish South East Bermuda Hog Bay 2.0 mi. South-Southwest of Somerset Village West Bermuda Horseshoe Bay 3.8 mi. South West of Hamilton South West Bermuda Jobson's Cove Warwick Parish South West Bermuda John Smith's Bay 4.7 mi. East-Northeast of Hamilton North East Bermuda Long Bay Beach St. David's Island South East St. David's Island Mangrove Bay Somerset Village North East Somerset Island Marley Beach Warwick Parish None Bermuda Middle Beach Warwick Parish South West Bermuda Parson's Bay Ireland Island South South Ireland Island South Shelly Bay Hamilton Parish North East Bermuda Somerset Long Bay Somerset Village North Somerset Island St. Catherine's Beach St. George's Island North East St. George's Island Stonehole Bay Warwick Parish South West Bermuda Tobacco Bay Beach St. George's Island North East St. George's Island Warwick Long Bay Warwick Parish South West Bermuda Water Rocks Beach Warwick Parish South West Bermuda West Whale Bay 3.0 mi. South of Somerset Village South West Bermuda Whitney Bay 2.8 mi. South of Somerset Village South West Bermuda Windsor Beach 3.3 mi. South of St. George South East None