Best Hotels for Swimming Pools

Bermuda has a number of hotels highly ranked with regards to their swimming pools


Relaxing by the pool — it's what so many vacationers envision themselves doing in Bermuda. The pool at your hotel may not be as social as a large beach, but it's convenient if all you want to do is listen to the sounds of the water and slip into an afternoon nap.

All of the hotels listed below have one or more swimming pools. They've been rated as some of the coolest swimming spots in Bermuda with many considerations in mind, including the number and size of pools, to the landscaping and design. To see more about these top ranked hotels for swimming, simply click their names to view articles full of important details about all their features — besides their wonderful pools.

Best Properties in Bermuda for Swimming Pools Property Location Number of Pools Primary Pool Size Whirpool Poolside Bar Rosewood Tucker's Point 3.2 mi. South-Southwest of St. George 4 Large check Newstead Belmont Hills Golf Resort and Spa Paget Parish, Bermuda 2 Large Pink Beach Club 4.5 mi. South-Southwest of St. George, Bermuda 1 Large check Fairmont Hamilton Princess Hamilton, Bermuda 2 Large check The Reefs Warwick Parish, Bermuda 1 Large check Fairmont Southampton Warwick Parish, Bermuda 2 Medium check Fourways Inn & Cottages Warwick Parish, Bermuda 1 Large

Our top choice for lodging with outstanding swimming, Rosewood, finds itself set in St. George's Parish within walking distance of the beach. This allows visitors admission not only to the pool but the sun, sand, and surf too. In terms of overall quality, we've given this resort a 5 star rating. Bear in mind they can save you time and trouble with their all-inclusive packages. On top of having a pool, Rosewood has 4 courts where vacationers might take pleasure in a game of tennis.

Whether you and your party plan to allocate your time doing water aerobics, sun bathing, lounging, or a mishmash of all of the above, there are a number of swimming pool environments to select from. With 4 pools on-site, Rosewood allows vacationers just the right amount of aquatic variance. The dominant pool is acclaimed for its elaborate architecture, which has vacationers awe-struck as they lounge near the water. It's a rather large pool, accommodating many guests, and showcases un-flawed grounds.

Plus, the pool boasts a smattering of offerings that provide the opportunity for vacationers to plan a whole day around the pool. The pool's snack cart is a wonderful place to get a light treat between meals. As you get dehydrated, simply make your way over to the poolside bar, which serves a selection of alcoholic beverages in addition to those of the non-alcoholic variety.

Each of the hotels in Bermuda keeps their own balance between style and comfort; you're just clicks away from finding the hotel that has everything you're looking for.

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