Hotels and Resorts in Bermuda

Bermuda's hotels and resorts make visitors feel right at home

Hotels Like Homes

Travelers looking for a unique vacation experience will find interesting lodging options on Bermuda. While the island also has the usual assortment of hotels and resorts, travelers also have access to uniquely Bermudian-style accommodations.

Bed and breakfasts are former homes, transformed into quaint guest rooms for island visitors. They are often beachfront, but include few other amenities. These can be the ultimate choice for a laid back and secluded vacation that incorporates a little bit of pampering as well.

Inns are similar to bed and breakfasts, but are generally more spacious. Inns offer guests access to a kitchenette and possibly a kitchen facility that is shared by multiple guests. Inns can be waterfront or may have on-site swimming pools, and many include breakfast in the price of the room.

Hotels and resorts come in all sizes on Bermuda. The biggest differences among these accommodations are their size and available amenities. While large hotels and resorts often offer spas and pre-planned activities, smaller hotels offer fewer amenities. These larger amenity-filled hotels may not offer the kind of laid back experience many vacationers expect during an island stay, but others will appreciate the abundance of activities and live entertainment.

Cottage colonies are uniquely Bermudian. Here you'll have your own cottage alongside other cottages nestled throughout landscaped grounds. These grounds often include beaches as well. Most of these cottages have kitchenettes. These unique accommodations are a hybrid of rental cottages and luxury hotel suites.

No matter what your taste in accommodations, you're sure to find something you'll love among Bermuda's choices.