What's Nearby Harmony Club

What's Near Harmony Club

Nearby Beaches

Vacationers staying in Bermuda almost aways enjoy a trip to one of its amazing beaches during their stay. Every beach will have its own individual characteristics, which will most likely affect how much you enjoy it. The following nearby beaches can each offer something a little different. Click on the name of a beach on the table below to be taken to a page discussing that beach in detail:
Beaches Within 25 Miles of Harmony Club BeachDistanceDirection Elbow Beach 0.3 mi. E Grape Bay Beach 1.1 mi. NE Astwood Cove 1.2 mi. SW Warwick Long Bay 2.0 mi. SW Jobson's Cove 2.2 mi. SW Stonehole Bay 2.3 mi. SW Chaplin Bay 2.4 mi. SW Horseshoe Bay 3.0 mi. SW Church Bay 4.3 mi. SW John Smith's Bay 4.3 mi. NE Shelly Bay 4.4 mi. N West Whale Bay 5.8 mi. SW Somerset Long Bay 5.9 mi. W Tobacco Bay Beach 9.2 mi. NE Achilles Bay 9.5 mi. NE St. Catherine's Beach 9.5 mi. NE

Keeping in mind that Elbow Beach is 0.3 miles from Harmony Club, you won't have to travel far to get to a gorgeous beach. Travelers who want to be in the midst of all the action and crowds will feel at home on Elbow Beach. One of the most popular beaches in Bermuda, Elbow Beach has plenty of water sports, people watching, and attractions to keep visitors busy.

Learn more about about this beach on this page: Elbow Beach.

Nearby Cities

The nearest town or city can add a great deal to your stay, whether it's the opportunity for a night on the town or just the ability to dine with the locals during your vacation.

Harmony Club is close to Hamilton , enabling guests to enjoy the nearby town with a population of 1,500.

The following table contains a listing of towns neat the Harmony Club:
Towns Near the Harmony Club CityDistanceDirectionPopulation Hamilton 1.3 mi. SE 1500 Flatts 3.8 mi. SW N.A. Royal Navy Dockyard 4.8 mi. SE N.A. Somerset Village 5.5 mi. E N.A. Tuckers Town 6.3 mi. SW N.A. St. George 8.9 mi. SW 1800

Nearby Attractions

It doesn't matter what kind of vacation you're seeking, you won't be at a loss for things to see and do near the Harmony Club. You can enjoy plenty of attractions around the Harmony Club; the nearest ones are shown in the following chart:
Nearby Attractions AttractionTypeDistanceDirection Tarpon Hole Natural Attraction 0.5 N.A. Paget Marsh Natural Attraction 0.8 NE Christ Church Church 1.1 SW Waterville Museum 1.1 N Cabinet Building & Cenotaph Historical Site 1.2 NW Session House Historical Site 1.3 NW Bird Cage Historical Site 1.3 NW Fort Hamilton Historical Site 1.3 NW Bermuda National Gallery Museum 1.4 NW Victoria Park 1.4 NW

Nearby Hotels

Nearby accommodations may be an important key to helping you discover the style of a particular area. If you want to know what other hotels are in the area, or you want to explore other options around the same area, take a look at the following chart. It lists the hotels that are nearest to the Harmony Club.
Hotels Near the Harmony Club HotelDistanceDirection Elbow Beach Club Resort 0.3 mi. E Horizons & Cottages 0.3 mi. NE Fourways Inn & Cottage Colony 0.5 mi. W Coco Reef Resort Bermuda 0.5 mi. S Greenbank Guest House & Cottages 0.6 mi. NW Wharf Executive Suites Hotel 0.7 mi. W Surf Side Beach Club 0.8 mi. S Dawkins Manor 0.9 mi. NE Astwood Cove 1.1 mi. SW Grape Bay Beach Hotel 1.2 mi. NE

As is apparent, there are plenty of hotel choices in this part of Bermuda, so finding the right place to stay during your trip should be no problem. But, this hotel may not have all of the seclusion that some travelers want.

Rates and Availability

Pricing and availability at Harmony Club can vary from month to month. To determine room availability and rates during the specific time you hope to visit, click on this link.