Nearby Beaches

Each of the beaches in Bermuda have different features that might be exactly suited to your style of travel; then again, some beaches may not excite you. You're bound to find a nearby beach that suits you in the following table. Click on a beach below to see more information about it:

Beaches Within 25 Miles of the Grape Bay Hotel Beach Distance Direction Grape Bay Beach 0.2 NE Elbow Beach 0.6 SW Astwood Cove 1.9 SW Warwick Long Bay 2.8 SW Jobson's Cove 2.9 SW Stonehole Bay 3.0 SW Chaplin Bay 3.0 SW Horseshoe Bay 3.6 SW Shelly Bay 4.2 NE Black Bay 4.3 W John Smith's Bay 4.4 NE Parson's Bay 4.9 NW Church Bay 4.9 SW

Considering that Grape Bay Beach is a quarter mile north east of the hotel, you will have unlimited opportunities to enjoy the sun and sand. Situated on Bermuda's south shore, Grape Bay Beach is located in the Paget Parish.

If you're on the lookout for a more secluded and private beach scene, Astwood Cove is an alternative worth considering. Enjoy a private and exclusive setting at Astwood Cove, a lesser known, rocky cove with pristine sands and choppy waters. Perfect for picnicking, hiking, and snorkeling, this beach does not attract many visitors, allowing for a secluded and private setting on the south shore of Bermuda. It can be found two miles south west of the hotel.

Nearby Cities

Stopping by the closest city or town to your hotel can act as a nice day trip, whether you're marveling at the town's untouched natural beauty, or interacting with the locals while on your trip. Grape Bay Hotel is in the vicinity of Camden, enabling guests to enjoy the town.

The towns that are closest to the Grape Bay Hotel are listed in the table below:

Towns Near the Grape Bay Hotel City Distance Direction Camden 1.0 NE Hamilton 1.5 NW North Shore Village 1.8 N Flatt's Village 3.4 NE Flatts 3.5 NE Royal Navy Dockyard 5.5 NW Henrys Hill 5.7 NE Somerset 5.9 W Tuckers Town 6.0 NE Hog Bay 6.2 W

Nearby Attractions

Travelers seeking thrilling outdoor activities while visiting Bermuda will soon find that the Grape Bay Hotel makes a great base for their tropical explorations. As a matter of fact, this area has countless opportunities for exploration, including Paget Marsh, Botanical Gardens, and Botanical Gardens.

With quite a few attractions near this hotel, you don't have to limit yourself; more of the nearest attractions are named in the following chart:

Attractions Near the Grape Bay Hotel Attraction Type Distance Direction Paget Marsh -- 0.5 NW Botanical Gardens -- 1.0 N Botanical Gardens -- 1.0 N Botanical Gardens -- 1.0 N Waterville -- 1.1 NW Fort Hamilton -- 1.4 NW Cabinet Building & Cenotaph -- 1.5 NW Session House -- 1.5 NW Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity -- 1.6 NW Bermuda National Gallery -- 1.7 NW Victoria Park -- 1.7 NW Bird Cage -- 1.7 NW Palm Grove -- 1.8 NE St. Theresa's -- 1.8 NW Bermuda Historical Society Museum -- 1.9 NW Old Devonshire Parish Church -- 1.9 N Christ Church -- 1.9 W Government House -- 2.1 NW Government House -- 2.1 NW Government House -- 2.1 NW Black Watch Well -- 2.2 NW Verdmont -- 2.4 NE Admiralty House Park -- 3.0 NW Spittal Pond Nature Reserve -- 3.2 NE Bermuda Aquarium, Natural History Museum & Zoo -- 3.5 NE Devil's Hole Aquarium -- 4.1 NE Gibbs Hill Lighthouse -- 4.1 SW Dolphin Quest Bermuda -- 5.5 NW Crystal Caves -- 5.5 NE Royal Naval Dock Yard -- 5.6 NW Bermuda Maritime Museum -- 5.7 NW Bermuda Perfumery -- 5.7 NE Blue Hole Park -- 5.7 NE Walsingham Nature Reserve -- 5.8 NE Blue Hole Hill Park -- 5.8 NE Natural Arches -- 6.1 NE Gilbert Nature Reserve -- 6.4 W Fort Scaur -- 6.4 W St. James Anglican Church -- 6.5 W Cooper's Island Nature Reserve -- 8.4 NE Carriage Museum -- 8.7 NE Tucker House -- 8.7 NE Bermuda National Trust Museum -- 8.8 NE St. George's Library -- 8.8 NE King's Square -- 8.8 NE Deliverance -- 8.8 NE St. Peter's Church -- 8.8 NE Bridge House Art Gallery -- 8.8 NE Graveyard of St. Peters -- 8.8 NE Old Rectory -- 8.9 NE Old State House -- 8.9 NE Featherbed Alley Printery -- 8.9 NE St. George's Historical Society Museum -- 8.9 NE Sommers Garden -- 8.9 NE Unfinished Cathedral -- 8.9 NE Gates Fort -- 9.1 NE St. Davids Lighthouse -- 9.1 NE Fort St. Catherine -- 9.4 NE

Nearby Hotels

Nearby accommodations may give you a clue about the style of this particular area. If you're curious about what other hotels you can find nearby, take a look at the following table, which names some of the nearest properties to the Grape Bay Hotel.

Hotels near the Grape Bay Hotel Hotel Distance Direction Dawkins Manor 0.2 W Coco Reef Resort Bermuda 0.3 SW Paraquet Guest Apartments 0.4 NW Serendipity 0.4 N Elbow Beach Club Resort 0.5 SW RENOVATING Horizons & Cottages 0.7 SW Coral Beach & Tennis Club 0.8 SW Quesera 0.8 N Erith Guest House 0.8 N Little Pomander Guest House 0.9 N

There are plenty of hotels to choose from in this part of town, so booking activities and accommodations in this area won't be hard to do. But, it's not a particularly secluded or private hotel.

Grape Bay Beach Hotel

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