Activities and Recreation at Fourways Inn

If your ideal vacation starts in a place with a relaxed setting as well as several activities, the Fourways Inn & Cottages could be your perfect match. The options at this hotel include quite a few popular pastimes, which makes their beautiful accommodations all the more appealing.

Water and Fitness

There is one pool at the Fourways Inn. Swimming probably isn't your first choice as far as afternoon activities, but it can be a refreshing way to cool off before happy hour.


There aren't any tennis courts at this hotel, so those looking forward to a friendly match with their companions won't find this hotel an ideal choice.

Hotels you might consider instead are the Elbow Beach Club Resort and the Fairmont Southampton.


Though the Fourways Inn does not have a golf course, you might be able to schedule a tee time at one of the local golf courses. The nearest golf course is Belmont Hotel Golf and Country Club, which is a half mile west of the hotel. The course has a total of 18 holes. The total length is 5667 yards, and it's been rated a par 70.


This hotel does not offer any watersports of its own, but the hotel staff is sure to recommend places where you can hire an activity guide or equipment.

Family Activities

Though families are welcome at the Fourways Inn, this hotel doesn't offer very many family-friendly amenities. To find hotels with amenities for kids, don't miss these properties recommended for families.

At some point during your vacation, you may find yourself wanting to leave the little ones behind for Bermuda's adult attractions. The hotel provides a babysitting service, so that moms and dads can have the chance to take some time out for themselves.

Entertainment and Nightlife

If you're the type of traveler to seek out vibrant nightlife and unlimited live shows, this property should not be your first choice. The hotel doesn't tend to host many after-dark activities.

Alcoholic beverages are available at the hotel bar, but you won't find many other nightlife options.

You can also enjoy a night out by visiting the bars and entertainment venues at nearby hotels, like those in the following chart:

Nearby Hotels with Nightlife Hotel Number of Bars Live Entertainment Distance Direction RENOVATING Horizons & Cottages 1 check 0.7 mi. E Elbow Beach Club Resort 5 check 0.9 mi. E Rosedon Hotel 1 check 0.9 mi. N Coco Reef Resort Bermuda 1 check 1.0 mi. E Fairmont Southampton 4 check 2.6 mi. SW The Reefs 2 check 3.4 mi. SW Cambridge Beaches Resort 3 check 4.9 mi. NW

Other Recreation

Bermuda is full of wonderful things to see and do, so you won't be limited to the specific activities this hotel has available. From a lazy afternoon spent boating or sailing, to a few hours learning about the rich local culture, you can't go wrong in such a tranquil setting.

Rates and Availability

Room prices at the Fourways Inn can vary depending on the time of year when you're traveling, which can also impact the specific rooms that are available (particularly if you're traveling during the peak season). To determine room availability and prices during the time you plan to visit, click here.

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