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9 Beaches Resort

9 Beaches Resort

Claiming to be the best value for your vacation dollar, 9 Beaches offers a casual environment that fosters interaction with beautiful natural surroundings. A unique feature of this resort is the Bermuda cell phone that comes equipped in each cabana, so guests can ring for assistance at any time. 9 Beaches takes pride in the local dairy farm that provides them with the freshest milk around.


There are dozens of cabanas at 9 Beaches, all of which sit perched on picturesque stilts. Every cabana has a view of the Atlantic Ocean, and wooden deck floors.

Many cabanas are built over the pristine waters, and are connected by boardwalks. Those cabanas fortunate enough to be located over the water come equipped with Plexiglas windows in the floor, which allow guests to watch the tropical fish swimming in the waters below.

Activities and Amenities

9 Beaches Resort

The 9 Beaches resort is an ideal place for families to travel. The resort hosts a place called 'The Den,' which is a multi-purpose room designed for youngsters. It is home to foosball tables, movie viewing stations with comfy bean bag chairs, plenty of board games, and a host of supplies for arts & crafts. Adults are more than welcome to come to The Den to let out their inner child. The resort also provides a private babysitting service for guests. It requires a 48 hours advance notice.

To see more about the specific recreational opportunities that the 9 Beaches Resort has to offer, click here for our complete article.


Visitors who are still on the fence about which accommodations to choose should consider more than just a specific properties offerings; they will also want to investigate the number and style of restaurants in the region. Since there are at least 34 interesting dining options nearby, including a couple that are within walking distance of the 9 Beaches Resort, it's an excellent place to start if you want to broaden your culinary horizons. It can be helpful to find out if there are suitable options in the area, even though the 9 Beaches Resort offers on-site dining.

What's Nearby

There are several attractions near the 9 Beaches Resort, like Fort Scaur, Royal Naval Dock Yard, and St. James Anglican Church (which is from the hotel). If you're ready to relax, like many tourists who visit Bermuda, your vacation just wouldn't be the same without plenty of time at the beach; Somerset Long Bay , one of the nearest, is located a half mile from the hotel.

The hotel is located in the vicinity of Somerset, a pleasant destination for sightseers to learn about and explore Bermuda. If you'd like to learn more about what's near the 9 Beaches Resort, click here for our in-depth discussion.

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Rates and Availability

Occupancy rates and room rates at the 9 Beaches Resort are influenced by the travel season and other factors. To investigate prices and to learn what types of rooms are currently available during your planned travel dates, click here .

9 Beaches Resort

What's Nearby